Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]
Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]

《Spring is better than you》Ep28:Episode 28

Qiu Shui For the sake of the relationship between the British and the Okawa, Xiao Hong and others strongly believe that the British male is only acting. The British man was crying over the hurt words of Qiu Shui, but she still did not forget to appease the wounded Okawa in order to ease her punishment for Qiu Shui. Xiao Hong and Gu Ming cooperate to apologize to Okawa, Okawa's attitude to ease but still not forgive Qiu Shui. British men could not bear to give up the love affair with Qiu Shui, Yao Dao bluntly pointed out that the British man is the third between Qiu Shui and Xiao Hong. Qiu Shui personally apologized to the words and deeds of Xiao Hong and others exactly the same, Okawa calm down and forgive him. British men made a formal decision to break up, she returned the engagement ring to Qiu Shui.

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