Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

《Game of hunting》Ep49:Yan Binghe Beware of Chen Xiang De Ren Company Reorganization

Mrs. Chen invited Zheng QiuDong and Lin Bai to dinner. Zheng QiuDong went to the banquet to meet Mrs. Chen and found Mrs. Chen a vacant space reserved for her. That was when Mrs. Chen prepared for Luo YiRen. Zheng QiuDong Because Luo YiRen is coming, my heart is a bit nervous, but on the surface it is therefore calm. Luo YiRen late arrives, and seated Mrs. Chen working things. Mrs. Chen revealed that she and her husband will join the Shenzhen High-tech Holding Co., Ltd. and will often reside in Shenzhen. Zheng QiuDong See Mrs. Chen Talking with Luo YiRen, realizing that the two sides are cooperating. Mrs. Chen did not conceal Zheng QiuDong. At first, Mrs. Chen discussed with Luo YiRen and Lin Bai and planned to find a way to get Deren listed. Since Jia YiMei was still working in the company, in order to avoid atrocity, the three did not contact Zheng QiuDong in advance Ventilation, Jia YiMei now has left Deren company, the three no longer need to conceal Zheng QiuDong. After dinner, Lin Bai deliberately let Zheng QiuDong and Luo YiRen leave together, Luo YiRen on the road with Zheng QiuDong joking remind Zheng QiuDong two love are abandoned by his girlfriend, first Xiong QingChun initiative with Zheng QiuDong divided hands, followed by Jia YiMei abandoned Zheng QiuDong. Luo YiRen's joke makes Zheng QiuDong not feel good, Zheng QiuDong reminds Luo YiRen's love history to give him a similar, Luo YiRen in the love of the road is not smooth, but also was abandoned by her boyfriend. Zheng QiuDong returned home in the evening and picked up the "Norwegian Forest" that Luo YiRen presented many years ago, feeling too calm for peace. Zheng QiuDong had a keen interest in the mysterious Chen Xiang and found that Danone had suspected that it had stolen the scientific achievements of Shenghuang Company. Lin Bai asks Yan BingHe for some information and clarifies that Yan BingHe actually guarded Chen Xiang and did not regard Chen Xiang as the son-in-law of Yan Family. Chen Xiang is rumored to be an employee of Tannon. The secret is undercover in Shenghuang. However, the undercover time is too long. For a full decade, Zheng QiuDong can not conclude that Chen Xiang is undercover. Zheng QiuDong De Ren company restructuring, restructuring need to carry out a new property assessment. Zheng QiuDong went to Huiyin to find Luo YiRen to evaluate the property. Luo YiRen took Zheng QiuDong to the 15th floor to sign the documents. Both met Yan Feng. In order not to cause unnecessary troubles, they looked embarrassed to each other as "General Luo" and "Zheng total." Yan Feng saw the unusual relationship between Luo YiRen and Zheng QiuDong, inquiring into Lin Bai about the relationship between Luo YiRen and Zheng QiuDong, and Lin Bai lied to be a luncheon to Luo YiRen and Zheng QiuDong. After the appraisal of the property ended, Lin Bai deliberately sent Luo YiRen to Zheng QiuDong to return home. Luo YiRen did not immediately send Zheng QiuDong back to her home but instead took Zheng QiuDong to the Wonton shop frequented by her after get off work.

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