Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

《Game of hunting》Ep28:Qujing Min promised to quit Zheng Qiu Dong will be back to Hangzhou

After Zheng QiuDong saw Qu MinJing, he was extremely nervous about explaining various things in the past. Qu MinJing Reminder Zheng QiuDong No more explanation is needed, and Luo YiRen has told Qujing Min all the details of Zheng QiuDong. Zheng QiuDong Entered the Theme Qu MinJing brought forward the creation of the South China Sea and persuaded Qu MinJing to start a new job when entering the South China. Qu MinJing was interested in the creation of Nankin and asked Zheng QiuDong to introduce the background of Nankin. Zheng QiuDong reminds Qu MinJing that it will be a bright future for any development as long as it goes to southern China. After Zhan TianXiao took over the zone, there is no place for Qu MinJing. As long as Qu MinJing is interested in southern China, Zheng QiuDong can call the person in charge Tu FangZhi to Beijing. Quoting Beijing consider the time only five days, there are other headhunters founding CEO for the South China. After a five-day deadline, Qu MinJing basically missed a chance even if he wanted to start a job in the South. After careful consideration, Qu MinJing decided to meet with Tu FangZhi. Zheng QiuDong see Qu MinJing finally promised to see Tu FangZhi, surprise to spend a long time back to God. After a long time, he told Qu MinJing that he should notify Tan Xu before he arranged the meeting place and arranged it. By the time Qu MinJing can bring his wife and daughter together to meet with the person in charge of the Southland. Tu FangZhi came to see Qu MinJing in Beijing. Zheng QiuDong and Lin Bai asked Tu FangZhi a question. Even Tu FangZhi was Qu MinJing's college classmate. Qu MinJing claimed why he did not know Tu FangZhi. Tu FangZhi told Zheng QiuDong and Lin Bai the truth that his original name was not Tu FangZhi but Li Peikan. In order to do a good job in the auspicious figure, Li Peigan renamed Tu FangZhi. Tu FangZhi to Qu MinJing family of three to see the farm, Qu MinJing recognized the name of Tu FangZhi, surprise and Jiaotu Tu FangZhi hugged together. Zheng QiuDong and Lin Bai left the box with Qu YunZheng, giving Tu FangZhi and Qu MinJing the chance to recapture their old memories. Not long afterwards, the sound of champagne came out of the box. Zheng QiuDong was in a state of excitement. Realizing that Tu FangJhi persuaded Qu MinJing to join the South when he was founded, he opened a champagne celebration and worked with Qu MinJing. Qu MinJing suggested that Tu FangZhi call Zheng QiuDong into the box to drink. Zheng QiuDong received a phone call from Tu FangZhi and did not want to drink in the boxes, just wanting to reclaim Tu FangZhi and Qu MinJing. Qu MinJing appreciated Zheng QiuDong very much, and excused Zheng QiuDong a few times while facing Tu FangZhi's face. Tu FangZhi concluded with Qu MinJing and left Beijing to return to Shenzhen. Before departure, Tu FangZhi told Zheng QiuDong that Qu MinJing has basically agreed to become the CEO of Namland. Zheng QiuDong completed the task, you can return to Hangzhou. Before returning to Hangzhou, Zheng QiuDong packed his luggage, made a phone call to Luo YiRen, and revealed on the phone that he had already broken up with Xiong QingChun.

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