Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

《Game of hunting》Ep4:Zheng Qiu Dong was released from Liu volume body to send 300,000 to Zheng Qiu Dong

Zheng QiuDong found his speech stunned, unable to express what he wanted to say. Liu LiangTi concluded that Zheng QiuDong had a psychological shadow on his arrest and was excommunicating his speech. Zheng QiuDong wanted to resume his normal speeches. Only by dissolving his heart and bravely confronting his mistakes could Zheng QiuDong resume his fluent speech and eloquence. Zheng QiuDong, who was outstandingly rewarded under the auspices of Liu LiangTi, was released from prison in the fourth year. Before leaving prison, Zheng QiuDong said good bye to Liu LiangTi and Liu LiangTi confessed to Zheng QiuDong for one thing and commissioned Zheng QiuDong to help sell a house he had bought before he was in jail and buried the ashes of his parents. After Zheng QiuDong was released from prison, she met Jian Na, a joint man arranged by Liu LiangTi, and got a piece of false identification called Tan Fei with the help of Jian Na. Zheng QiuDong sold the house bought by Liu LiangTi before going to jail, went to the funeral home to buy the ashes of Liu LiangTi's parents, and buried the two ashes together. Zheng QiuDong is curious about Liu LiangTi's experience. Jian Na is very much inquisitive and revealed Liu LiangTi's reasons for jailing to Zheng QiuDong. It turned out that Liu LiangTi was to protect his two children, jailed on charges of manslaughter. Zheng QiuDong finished the task assigned by Liu LiangTi, handing over the proceeds of the sale to Jian Na and transferring the money from Jian Na to Liu LiangTi. Zheng QiuDong used the fake ID card and caused the police to check the hotel. Zheng QiuDong lied to have entered the hotel with the help of a friend. The police showed contempt for Zheng QiuDong, which left a deep sense of frustration for Zheng QiuDong. Zheng QiuDong go to the bar to drink, with a few young people fighting for seats almost hit hands. The detachment detainees who had heard in the prison were released, drinking in the bar, recognizing Zheng QiuDong, wanting to pull Zheng QiuDong into the occupation and mixing up with him, Zheng QiuDong refusing to commit crimes again, prisoners being released from prison Lesson learned. Zheng QiuDong felt that she could not lift his head after being released from prison. The security guarantor of the hotel recognized Zheng QiuDong and returned the items that Zheng QiuDong stayed in when she fled. After Zheng QiuDong got the novel "The Forest of Norway," he began to cry out of sorrow. Zheng QiuDong goes to the prison to visit Liu LiangTi, to worry about how to survive in the future. Liu LiangTi sent 300,000 to Zheng QiuDong, hoping Zheng QiuDong would regain its strength. Zheng QiuDong decided to work hard, break a world, to Tan Fei's hometown Lingui, lied to be Tan Fei's classmate, to investigate the deeds of Tan Fei alive. Tan Fei's relatives and friends did not doubt Zheng QiuDong, there are questions and answers. Zheng QiuDong Learn about Tan Fei's background, return to Beijing to submit resumes, and start her new life with Tan Fei.

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