Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]
Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Episodes

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Ep13:Episode 13

The Japanese army retreated from the fighting after receiving new combat orders, avoiding the greater casualties of Zhao GuoWu. Huang MaYi was disheartened and clamored to leave. Huang FeiYan did not want to go with him and slapped him. Jute In order to Zhao GuoWu's life-saving grace, proposed to fight with Zhao GuoWu, won, he walked, lost, he left. Zhao GuoWu answered. Huang MaZi left the team with his troops as the result of Zhao GuoWu's mercy and eventually Huang MaZi won the duel. Wu YuTou stole Zhao GuoWu's money in the middle of the night trying to get hold of Zhao GuoWu. Zhao GuoWu thought Wu YuTou had fled and had dug a pit to bury him. Wu YuTou repeatedly begging for mercy and finally won the understanding of Zhao GuoWu. Yu MinZhi was praised and affirmed by the teachers due to the salvation of Wang Yaoqing. Hungry hunger Huang MaZi attacked the devils who marched on the march. Unexpectedly, there were too many devils. Huang MaZi, they were outnumbered and suffered heavy casualties.

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