Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]
Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Episodes

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Ep1:episode 1

The Spring of 1939, with the jujube campaign broke out, the 149th Regiment of a Chinese army was ordered to stick to the small town on the east coast of Xianghe, was bitten by the Third Corps of the Marines Corps, isolated and helpless, under the continuous fierce enemy firepower, the city fell It's After the brutal street fighting, only 13 remnants were left behind. One battalion commander, Zhao GuoWu, decided to cover a brother's breakthrough with the help of twelve brothers on the grounds that they would not allow the last "pay" to become a devil's "loot" These bloody "life money" returned home. It was at this moment that there were also thirty or so people hidden in their hiding Catholic Church. Wuwu thought of that shameful words: surrender. Everything is contrary to expectations! Japanese smf captain Matsumoto in the life of Zhao GuoWu photographed after a shame, not only failed to forgive the people, but face to face slaughter. Matsumoto escape the death of the country will Matsumoto as a lifetime of enemies, my heart from then there is only one idea, revenge. After he decided to return the "salary" of the Pazze brothers to his hometown, he managed to return to kill the enemy's battlefield. Guo Wu, who bears charges of desertion, returned to his home in Xiangxi, Sichuan, and heard that Guo Guo, his brother in charge of military service in the county government, failed to lead the militia bandits and was kidnapped by the bandit Huang MaZi. Distraught.

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