Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]
Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Episodes

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Ep7:Episode 7

Zhou Lixin drafted a petition with Dozens of Zhao GuoWen and Wu YuTou petitioners to release Zhao GuoWu. Director Luo, who is in distress for conscription, started the idea of ​​Zhao GuoWen Xiangxi Minzu and his ambitious Zhao GuoWen agreed with Director Luo's terms. Zhao GuoWu is acquitted. Zhao GuoWu To bring the team to the forefront, Wang CaiFeng chasing Zhao GuoWu checkout, Zhao GuoWu can not get money, Wang CaiFeng angry left. Zhou Lixin to join the army to fight devils, everyone cynical. Zhao GuoWu proposed adding Zhou Lixin to the supplement, and Zhao GuoWen no longer opposed it. Zhao GuoWu wants Zhao GuoWen to find Director Luo to release the Huang MaZi brothers and sisters, and Zhao GuoWen disagrees with the two brothers. Zhao GuoWu convinced Luo Director. Huang MaZi siblings were executed on execution ground, Zhao GuoWu came to rescue them. Huang MaZi learns that Zhao GuoWu wants to take him out to kill the devils and will not go there. Huang FeiYan wants to go with Zhao GuoWu. Huang MaZi frustration, had agreed. Huang FeiYan also have to go to the front, Zhao GuoWen brothers do not agree, Huang FeiYan entangled.

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