Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]
Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Episodes

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Ep31:Episode 31

Zhao GuoWu Their marriages passed the sentry posts of Japan without any risk and they encountered more than a dozen devils who were eating lunch on their way to the march. They were forced to pick up four snuffs and they were grabbed by Zhao GuoWen and Wang CaiFeng . Huang MaZi folded the branches to Meng XiMei chopsticks to eat canned food, was accidentally killed by devils. Huang FeiYan and Huang MaZi's men are going to seek revenge from their devils. Zhao GuoWu thinks they are going to die and disagree with them. People buried Huang MaZi. Meng XiMei was shocked by the fact that Huang MaZi's folded tree branches were used as chopsticks to finish the cans and explain her pregnancy. Huang FeiYan and Er Leng, Lao Wai took Zhao GuoWu to take revenge on devils, Er Leng and Lao Wai were outnumbered by devils, and later Meng XiMei died under the devil's bayonet to save Huang FeiYan. Zhao GuoWu follows Meng XiMei's last wish and buries Meng XiMei and Huang MaZi together. Zhao GuoWu, Huang FeiYan They went to the periphery of Yicheng Airport to detect the defenses of the devils. Zhao GuoWu went to the barbed wire to carry out the investigation. The result was found by the devils' wolves and recruited by the devils. Finally, they were able to escape the fire with the help of a row of chiefs of the New Fourth Army. Everyone did not hurt the city of Yiwei detailed arming plans endless. Just this time, Zhao GuoWu got a news that a Japanese transport plane crashed in the town of Cuiping and arrested a Japanese woman at the scene of the crash. After understanding that this Japanese woman is "Tokyo Japan Today News" station in Wuhan correspondent, the mission to Yicheng is to interview the garrison in Yicheng. Zhao GuoWu decided Zhou Lixin to act as a "Tokyo-Japan News" station in Wuhan to investigate in the name of an interview.

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