Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]
Bloody battle in the end is also soldier(TV)[2015]

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Episodes

《Bloody battle in the end is also soldier》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Wang CaiFeng in the uncle's ancestors of their statues in front of a serious toss some tossing ancestors identity to uncle to keep them, uncle respect the answer. Zhao GuoWu stressed afterwards that people should not be disturbed by the discipline of holding people's stuffs and borrowed money from Wang CaiFeng to pay troops to eat in the cottage. Wang CaiFeng agreed to lend money and can not be used again, provided that he also joined the army, good revenge for sister-in-law, Zhao GuoWu moved to agree. Huang MaZi wants to live with hi sister, hi sister does not agree. Zhao GuoWen wholeheartedly tried to match the Swiftlet and Wu, then go find Swallow, Swallow promised to live with Guowu. Wu did not agree, delphin sad tears. Zhao GuoWu Early in the morning, the dumbbells were forced to call their names and exercise. Huang MaZi, though displeased, still obeyed the order.

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