Begonia still(TV)[2016]
Begonia still(TV)[2016]

《Begonia still》Ep37:Episode 37

Zhou EnLai took the disease to Changsha and negotiated with Mao ZeDong to determine the personnel arrangements for the Fourth National People's Congress. Zhou EnLai remained the premier of the State Council and Deng XiaoPing was the first deputy prime minister. In January 1975, Zhou EnLai, on behalf of the State Council, made a report on the work of the government to the Fourth National People's Congress. Zhou Enlai emphasized in his speech that in order to transform our country into a modern socialist country in the 20th century, we should continue to work hard, carry forward our achievements and overcome shortcomings, unite and strive for greater victories under the guidance of the revolutionary line of Mao ZeDong. Zhou EnLai has been unable to fully operational after the operation, he read Mao ZeDong's instructions at the meeting, Deng XiaoPing acting their own work. Deng XiaoPing expressed his gratitude to the Central Party Committee and Chairman Mao for their trust. Stability and unity are the most important tasks now.

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