Begonia still(TV)[2016]
Begonia still(TV)[2016]

《Begonia still》Cast

Zhou EnLai Weimin Sun Play)

Great Marxist-Leninists, the Chinese proletarian revolutionaries, politicians, militarists, diplomats, the main leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the People's Republic of China, and the chief founding members and leaders of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. He is an important member of the party's first-generation central leadership collective with Comrade Mao ZeDong at the core and enjoys a very high prestige in the world. Comrade Zhou Enlai's outstanding contributions, noble character and brilliant personality are deeply enshrined in the hearts of people of all nationalities in the country.

Weimin Sun

Sun Weimin, born on July 14, 1955 in Pulandian District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China Mainland actor and producer. Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama Performance Department, worked in Dalian Repertory Theater. In 1995 starred in the war drama "seven war seven Czech", for the first time as Premier Zhou Enlai. In 1997, he played Zhou Enlai once again in the war movie "Entering the South Line and chasing after the Fight against the Great" and "the Great Turn". In 2000, Liao Zhongkai was played in the TV series "Sunrise in the East" created for the 80th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. Lu Xun was played in 2001 in the TV series "Lu Xun and Xu Guang Ping". In 2005 appeared in the war drama "anti-Japanese star Zuo Quan", and played Zuo Quan. 2009 starring in the era of drama "Dongfanghong 1949". In 2011 starred in the war drama "East." Starring in 2013, the history of the movie "Four Environments of Zhou Enlai," played Zhou Enlai. In 2014, he starred in the film "No. One Target" and won the nomination for Best Actor Award for the 30th China Golden Rooster Awards. In 2016, Sun Weimin plays Zhou Enlai's drama "Begonia" on the Central Plains. In September 2017, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 15th International Youth Film Festival in Russia.

Zhang ZhiZhong Zhibing Liu Play)

Zhibing Liu

Zhibing Liu, born on March 30, 1963 in Heilongjiang, China, acted as a director of a theater troupe and a national actor. He graduated from Heilongjiang Arts School in 1979. In 1977, 14-year-old Zhibing Liu took the first movie, "Aoleilang". In 1995, with the "Bronze Madness" won the 5th China Film and Television Arts Academy Awards Phoenix Academy Awards, and the 17th Chang Ying Hua Huai Award for Best Actor Award. In 2011, he participated in the film "Flying", won the 14th China Film Awards outstanding actor and the 28th China Golden Rooster Award for best actor nomination. In 2012, with the "Marshal Liu Bosheng" won the 25th People's Liberation Army TV Venus Award for outstanding actor award; with "loyalty and betrayal" 15th China Film Awards outstanding actor award and the Ninth China-US Film Festival Best Male Actor Award. In 2015, he was awarded the title of "National Youth Middle-aged and Double Arts Literary and Art Workers". The same year participated in the anti-Japanese war epic movie "Hundred Regiments" as the Zuo Quan corner.

Jiang JieShi Xiaowei Ma Play)

Xiaowei Ma

Ma Xiaowei, born December 03, 1961 in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Graduated from Jiangsu Province Art Institute Performance Department, Mainland actor. Since the art, shaping the migrant workers of the various roles of business school soldiers, has been hailed as the symbol of the movie age characters, well-known, is a high profile actor, for the August 1 film studio national level actor, won the 22nd All-Star Award Actor Award.

Ye JianYing Shixi Li Play)

Shixi Li

Shixi Li, film and television actress, former theater director of the August 1 film studio. 1953 January was born in Yantai City, Shandong Province. 1973 election to the August 1 film studio actor troupe. Has participated in the "Red Star", "before the thunderstorm", "shock", "alarm bells", "walk in front of the war", "South China Sea situation" and other filming.

More《Begonia still》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Tang Guoqiang Mao ZeDong Great Marxists, proletarian revolutionaries, strategists and theorists, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the People's Republic of China.
Wang Wufu Zhu De One of the major founders and leaders of the great Marxists, proletarian revolutionaries, politicians and militarists, the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the People's Republic of China. First in the Marshal of the People's Republic of China.
Qi Lu Deng XiaoPing Chinese Communist Party leader of the second generation of the core leadership, great Marxist, proletarian revolutionary, statesman, militarist, diplomat, Communist Party of China, People's Liberation Army, the People's Republic of China, one of the major leaders of China's socialist reform Chief architect of open and modern construction, founder of Deng XiaoPing theory.
Wei Huang Deng YingChao Great proletarian revolutionaries, politicians, prominent social activists, determined Marxists, distinguished leaders of the party and state, and pioneers of the Chinese women's movement. Over the more than 70 years of her revolutionary career, she has dedicated everything she has to offer unreservedly for the cause of Chinese revolution, construction and reform. She is an outstanding representative of Chinese women in the 20th century and the pride of Chinese women. She enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad and is respected and loved by the entire party and the people throughout the country.
Haiyan Wu Song QingLing No introduction
(None) Pang XianJun No introduction
Chen Si Lu JinSheng No introduction
Baoping Shen Cheng GongBuBuZhang No introduction
(None) Shao LiZi No introduction
Jinfeng Lin Jiang JingGuo No introduction
Yue Xiao ice Zhang Qun No introduction
(None) Tong XiaoPeng No introduction
(None) Xiao BingDe No introduction
Lin Shi Liao MengXing No introduction
Tiecheng Guo Mao RenFeng No introduction
Jun Ding Luo RuiQing No introduction
Zhang Jianguo Feng JiPing No introduction
(None) Chen Yi No introduction
Mahsuri Song MeiLing No introduction
Niu Ben Shen JunRu No introduction
Liuyuan Ding Sun WeiShi No introduction
Xiaochuan Zhao Chen Yun No introduction
(None) Nie RongZhen No introduction
Yu Zijian Zhou ZhiRou No introduction
Xinyun Zhu Li KeNong No introduction
Guodong Wang Li Hu No introduction
Buting Yang Liu ShaoQi The great Marxist, great proletarian revolutionary, statesman, theorist, one of the major leaders of the Party and the state, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, is the first generation of the central collective leadership of the party with Comrade Mao Ze Dong at the core. Important member
Jian Wang Ren BiShi No introduction
Shao Xiaowei Chen CongYing No introduction
Xiaoming Zhao Duan YunPeng No introduction
Huizhong Zhang Wei LingYuan No introduction
Bozhao Wang Zhou EnShou No introduction
Yan Hao Wang ShiQin No introduction
Yongdai Ding Geng Biao No introduction
Dongwen Guo Huang Zhen No introduction
(None) Hua Jiang No introduction
Hao Chao Cong Lin No introduction
(None) Zhang ShiZhao No introduction
Yufeng Li Qi Chao No introduction
Chen Qi Ba ShenMu No introduction
(None) Er Hui No introduction
Ron Randell Li AnDong No introduction
Ziqiang Liu Shan KouLongYi No introduction
Lin Yujia Sun XinShi No introduction
(None) You Jin No introduction
long grace Lu Peng DeHuai No introduction
Siwei Wan Mao AnYing No introduction
(None) Li Ke No introduction
Zhao Liqiang Xi ZhongXun One of the main founders and leaders of the revolutionary base areas in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Heian Border Region, one of the outstanding Communist Party members, the great communist fighter, the outstanding proletarian revolutionary, our party, the outstanding political work leader of our army, and the Northwest Party, government and military comprehensive work.
(None) Li YouAn No introduction
Xingyi Chu Luo QingZhang No introduction
(None) Sang Patanuktai No introduction
Youchuan Yu Pi Wen No introduction
(None) Ye XiangZhi No introduction
Yiding Lv Liao ChengZhi No introduction
Zheng Qiang Huang Hua No introduction
(None) Wang HuaiQinWang No introduction
(None) Zha Lun No introduction
(None) Wu Nu No introduction
Yi-xuan Zeng Zhou BingDe No introduction
Xiang-Ling Hou Qing NianZhouEnLai No introduction
(None) Su JiaNuo No introduction
Na Yi Qing NianZhangRuoMing No introduction
Liu sleeve Jie Zhong NianZhangRuoMing No introduction
Love Luo Yi Jin LianFeng No introduction
Li Xin Rui Sang FuRen No introduction
(None) Xilin Patanuetai No introduction
(None) Hupa Patu Nutai No introduction
(None) Sha Nan No introduction
Wu Yang Lin LaoShi No introduction
Sip Er Yong Li FuChun No introduction
Zhou Xuqi Li XianNian No introduction
Yichan Wang Zhang Ying No introduction
Tanjayama Hu ZhiMing No introduction
(None) Xi HaNuKe No introduction
Yiyi Jiang Zhong ChangYuan No introduction
(None) Zhong ChangHuai No introduction
Aliya Da ChangYuan No introduction
(None) Da ChangHuai No introduction
Yi Lu Ceng Shan No introduction
(None) Xiao GuiHua No introduction
Chongle Ma Chen GuoDong No introduction
(None) Fu Er No introduction
Yang Li Shen RenHua No introduction
Fulin Kang Zhou BingJian No introduction
Fang Jun Fu Zhou BingHe No introduction
(None) Zhou BingJun No introduction
Hiu Ng Zhou BingHua No introduction
(None) Zhou BingYi No introduction
Gao Zhiqiang Yue ShuJi No introduction
George Clooney Qiao ZhiWu No introduction
Xiaoying Song Cai Chang No introduction
Yue Ma Jie Fu No introduction
(None) Bai Rong No introduction
Ok Jeong Wu JiePing No introduction
Liang Xu Qu DaFu No introduction
Cai Liping Zhang Qian No introduction
Xia Yuan He XiangNing No introduction
Guodong Cheng Lin BoQu No introduction
(None) Kang KeQing No introduction
Shujie Xue Zhuo Lin No introduction
(None) Ji PengFei No introduction
Tong Yang Zhuang ZeDong No introduction
Miller Ke En No introduction

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