Begonia still(TV)[2016]
Begonia still(TV)[2016]

《Begonia still》Ep31:Episode 31

When both China and the United States talked about the issue of troop withdrawal by the U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan, they have created huge differences. The solution to the problem must also be a bell-ringer. Zhou En-lai immediately stated that it is not too late for President Nixon to come back and resolve the impasse. At the 26th UN General Assembly, China successfully obtained legal seats with 76 votes in favor, 35 votes against and 17 abstentions. The conference also decided to expel the representatives of the Taiwan authorities and all the agencies immediately out of the United Nations. Jiang JieShi learned that the news, cough gas more than vomit blood. January 6, 1972, Chen Yi passed away. Zhou EnLai held a memorial service of Comrade Chen Yi at Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery. Zhou EnLai convened Ye JianYing and Li XianNian to discuss the reception by U.S. President Nixon. On the eve of the meeting between the leaders of China and the United States, Mao ZeDong chose to watch the film "General Patton," while Nixon looked at "Mao ZeDong Biography" and the documentary "China."

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