Begonia still(TV)[2016]
Begonia still(TV)[2016]

《Begonia still》Ep16:Episode 16

The special envoy sent by the Thai government was cordially received by Mao ZeDong and Zhou En Lai. The Thai Prime Minister believes that China is a trusted partner and has decided to send Sang Patanuktai's twin children to China. Mao ZeDong initially disagreed with Sang Patanuktai's sons and daughters to China. Zhou En Lai persuaded Mao ZeDong that if he refused each other, he not only hurt the Thai Prime Minister, but also hurt Sang Patanuktai's sincerity and trust in China. Sang Patanuktai wanted the children to learn China's culture can become a bridge and bridge between China and Thailand in the future. Mao ZeDong eventually agreed to visit Sang Patanuktai's sons and daughters. The Soviet Union refuses to continue its cooperation with China and may withdraw its experts from China at any time. Zhou EnLai telegraphed to Nie RongZhen to do it by himself and groping around for 8 years. Zhou EnLai took time out of his busy schedule to visit Sill Patanuktai's children, Xilin and Huai, asking them whether they were living in Beijing or not, personally bringing them shopping, eating roast duck and giving them Chinese names. The boy was often pregnant and the girl was often Yuan.

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