Begonia still(TV)[2016]
Begonia still(TV)[2016]

《Begonia still》Ep13:Episode 13

Zhou EnLai arrived safely in Bandung and Huang Zhen escorted Zhou EnLai to the hotel. Ye XiangZhi sneaked into the conference center and fired on Zhou EnLai, missing any targets. Lu JinSheng, Pang XianJun Zhou EnLai was quickly protected and Huang Zhen personally conducted the counter-attack. After various layers of obstacles, Zhou EnLai finally delivered a speech at the Bandung Conference, conveying China's foreign policy of seeking common ground while reserving differences and adhering to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. When Zhou EnLai learned that Huang Zhen spent three times more on security and criticized Huang Zhen for not knowing how many meters could be left in the house, Huang Zhen ordered the immediate return of four-fifths of security forces. Thai ambassadors found Lu JinSheng and Pang XianJun, indicating that they were escorted by the Thai Prime Minister to meet with Prime Minister Zhou EnLai. Lu JinSheng's request for approval led Zhou EnLai to meet with the Thai Prince.

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