Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]
Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Episodes

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Ep4:"Yang Ling was saved by the chance encounter with her Korean brother, who was deeply moved by her desire to marry."

At dawn the next day, Yang Ling with Ma LianEr After walking out of the snow cave, Yang Ling found that the two men had been surrounded by wolves. Pity son willingly offered kisses willing to live and die together, fortunately two people were Han Wu with Han ManCang Being saved. After returning to the county government, Yang Ling learned that Han Wu and Han ManCang were the brothers of the little girl. When they saw Yang Ling's intimacy with Ma LianEr, they told Yang Ling not to disappoint her.

After this war, Yang Ling was given the honor of killing the enemy, and was appointed as yi cheng. Yang Ling drew sketches with her four colors of paint and wrote the military proposal to ma dongyang's men Bi Chun . Bi Chun didn't like Yang Ling. He thought he was teasing himself by painting pictures with powder and powder. He ordered Yang Ling to be punished.

The king of ning intended to have his ministers to depose the prince. At this moment Wu HanChao When the two men were fighting, the prince arrived. He was very glad to learn that tatar had left the army. The emperor heard the good news from his hospital bed, and woke up. The emperor asked the prince to help himself, and watched the good news. When the emperor came to the palace, he saw that the crown prince was being impeached by his ministers.

Bi Chun is already in the heart of Ma LianEr. He brings his gifts to the door for marriage. Ma Ang I think Bi Chun has had several wives and concubines. Bi Chun promises that he can divorce his wife and treat Ma LianEr in the front room. Ma LianEr thinks Bi Chun treats women as playthings and drives him away. Ma Ang thought she was old enough to get married and asked if she had any interest. Ma LianEr admitted that she loves Yang Ling and claimed that she and Yang Ling had married on the night they both fell off the cliff. Ma Ang got very angry and came to Yang Ling. But Yang Ling did not know what Ma LianEr said, insisting that he had no concubine, and the two hid in the cave all night just to avoid the chase of the hungry Wolf. But Ma Ang didn't believe it and asked Yang Ling to think about it.

Ma Ang returned home and told piao Yang Ling to refuse to marry piao as a concubine. When Ma Ang went hunting in the forest with piao and friends, Bi Chun proposed to let Ma LianEr show his skills. Piao had been evading all kinds of excuses. Ma LianEr heard this, not to be outdone, five consecutive arrows, arrow method is very accurate. Bi Chun praised Ma LianEr as a person of his own heart, but Ma LianEr claimed that he had already had a person of his heart, so that Bi Chun could look for others. County magistrate asked Ma LianEr who he liked. In order to marry Yang Ling, Ma LianEr admitted that he had spent one night with Yang Ling and would not marry him in the future. Soon, the news that Yang Ling and Ma LianEr had spent the night together spread across the country, and the children even used it to write songs. When the little girl heard this, she suggested to Yang Ling that she might as well marry her son. Yang Ling said she had no rumors with Ma LianEr and would not let her down in her life.

In the jimingyi, soldiers once again robbed people of their food, claiming that they were ordered by Yang Ling. People gathered in the town hall, Bi Chun also came to the scene, said that Yang Ling was in need of money to take a concubine, so they would fish the common people. Ma Ang thought that his brother and sister had suffered humiliation and wanted to settle accounts with Yang Ling. Ma LianEr knew that Yang Ling had no idea of himself and agreed to marry Bi Chun as a concubine. In the imperial palace, ma dongyang mentioned to the emperor that Yang Ling played an important role in the jimingyi and asked for a reward from the emperor. On the surface, the emperor claimed that Yang Ling secretly robbed arms and ordered people to return to Beijing when he was in danger of dissolving ma dongyang, in fact, he wanted to reuse Yang Ling. When Yang Ling called her again at home, he asked her to leave. Lang zhong confessed to him that the poison in her life had faded, but only for two years. Worried that her time would be limited, Yang Ling decided to stay with her brother and sister. On the other side, Bi Chun is ready to marry Ma LianEr. Yang Ling is very worried about Ma LianEr, knowing that Bi Chun is a person who has been in chaos and eventually abandoned In the life.

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