Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]
Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Episodes

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Ep7:bully yan kuan qiang rob jade girl, Yang Ling without any intention to check the government house

Yang Ling Can not participate in the flower to select a husband, the first round of selecting a husband is compared to birthday eight characters. The son of a teacher Wang JingLong The eight characters are auspicious, he has not been satisfied for long, the madam of shaihua hall announced Yang Ling's eight characters is good luck. This is a trick played by maki flower house, where all the people who wear clothes are lucky. In the next round, each one wrote a poem for the girl, and the title was unlimited, but it was limited to seven steps. The prince took five steps to make a poem, provoking cheers from the crowd in the hall. The prince asked Yang Ling to write a poem in three steps. But Yang Ling was not good at poetry, so she could only make a limerick. She asked Yang Ling and wang to write a poem with the flowers in makhwa house. When the poem was finished, the jade girl read aloud what they had done. The first two sentences of Yang Ling's poem were: "one pot, two POTS, three POTS, three POTS, five POTS, six POTS, seven and eight POTS". Unexpectedly, the jade girl's heart is bound by Yang Ling, who tampered the following lines, and changed the last two sentences into: the humane capital flowers are like brocade, except that the jade hall is not spring, provoking the applause of the whole hall. The contest ended with a victory for Yang Ling.

Yang Ling was forced to change into her favorite clothes and pushed into the girl's room. At this time, the bully yan kuan breaks into makhwa house. He claims that he has spent five thousand taels of silver on the jade girl. The prince stopped, but yan kuan punched him in the nose. The prince ordered Yang Ling to go to the military to find someone to help him Wu HanChao Wu HanChao broke into makhwa house and scared yan kuan away. Then the prince to jade girl and Tang YiXian Promise that within three days you will be able to straighten out and get the paperwork back.

Yan kuan was wronged and moved to his own patron. The grand uncle was so generous that he forced the people to kneel down to greet him. Yang Ling was also forced to kneel in front of the sedan chair. The uncle wanted to cover up yan kuan, let him go back to the house first, also let Yang Ling be less nosy. Yang Ling accused his uncle of breaking the law, saying that the people are the foundation of the country.When the people heard their applause, the great uncle was furious and ordered them to put a knife on the neck of the people. After the uncle's departure, Yang Ling asked Wu HanChao to check his identity.

The prince knew that Yang Ling wanted to punish his uncle, worried that the mother would blame herself. Yang Ling mentioned the prince's promise to Tang YiXian. The prince could only promise for the safety of Tang and his people. The little girl became very angry when she learned of Yang Ling's victory over her husband.

The prince wanted to tell his father to his uncle. Yang Ling was worried that the prince would be exposed. When taifu taught the prince to read, the prince deliberately gave li taifu the play of the grand uncle. Li taifu learned that the uncle was so arrogant, will play Ben to the emperor. The emperor interrogated his uncle at the court, ordered him to bring a witness, but the person who came to report the matter said that there was no evidence of it. Li taifu was angry, when the court beat the national uncle. The emperor ordered them to stop, and each of them was beaten in twenty boards.

When the queen learned of the prince's action, she blamed him for framing his own uncle and asked the prince to personally apologize to his uncle. The prince insisted not to allow, the queen ordered the prince to be grounded in the palace, but also the prince around the people are replaced by their own confidant. Li taifu and Yang Ling met in the noodle shop, li taifu know that the emperor is aware of the crime of the uncle, but suffering no evidence, asked Yang Ling must be careful in the future. Yan kuan forcibly grabbed the women in the daytime, and was again met by Yang Ling. Yang Ling tried to stop her, but her uncle was also here. With the support of the emperor, the uncle became more and more aggressive, and killed the lady's grandfather on the spot and took her back to the government. Yang Ling was shocked to see it. He came to Wu HanChao and asked him to mobilize his confidants and follow him to raid the government house. A line of people came to the prince's maternal uncle house, such as the prince's maternal uncle walk is immediate, think all dare not to oneself, have never thought a security all to follow Yang Ling, at this time the queen came an imperial decree, announced the prince's maternal uncle palace, but Yang Ling don't mind, our life will be the prince's maternal uncle and took the prince's maternal uncle and Kevin was put in prison car sent to the prison, the people heard the prince's maternal uncle are caught, passageway He Cai in succession.

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