Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]
Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Cast

Yang Ling Jinfu Jiang Play)

The first scholar of Xuanhua Prefecture, smart and courageous, make good use of tips, with the ambition of the world economy. Not bound by feudal Confucianism, respect for women, but it also led to paragraph love. All the way from the commoner scholar rose to Prince read, Shen Ji camps will be set up after the establishment of the factory, built meritorious repeatedly, eventually won the Siberian king.

Jinfu Jiang

Jiang Jinfu (Chinese: 蒋劲夫, born 2 September 1991) is a Chinese actor and model.

Han YouNiang Crystal Play)

Yang Ling original wife, kind and honest, heart without city house, mind-set, people with intimacy little girl, behave informal, straightforward, both the little girl side, but also Yang pillar of the house, there are people The amount of Yang Ling's virtuous wife.


Crystal Yuan was born in Shanghai on January 17, 1992. Actress from Mainland China graduated from the 2010 Department of Performing Arts at the Shanghai Theater Academy. In 2012, he appeared in the corner of "The Autumn Sword Cloud" in the drama version "IpMan". In August 2013, he starred in the TV drama "Half Steps End of the World" directed by Ming Zhang Chen. The actress played Fang Ning. In February 2014, she participated in the contemporary urban emotional drama “The Season of Happiness”. In July 2014, she was concerned about her starring in the online drama "White school flowers and big legs". On April 13, 2015, the legendary modern drama “Legend of the last emperor” starred in Anhui Satellite TV. On April 24th the same year, she participated in the urban emotional inspirational drama "I'm Du LaLa". On August 31st of the same year, he starred in the martial arts drama "Feidaoyoujianfeidao" adapted from Cliff Lok's work. On April 16th, 2016, the city emotional inspirational drama "I'm Du LaLa" premiered. On July 4, 2016, the Republican Youth Legendary Play "Old Nine" premiered. On July 21st, he starred in the ancient legend drama "Yangling Biography of the Ming Dynasty". On December 5, the martial arts drama "Feidaoyoujianfeidao" was broadcast. December 16 starring young inspirational idol drama "My Star Flying"

Zhu Houzhao / Zhengde Wayne Play)

The young man is sexual, willing to be self-willed, playful and ambitious, loves Qizhen and beasts, is deviant, and does not like to be constrained. He becomes a little converging after the new emperor, but he does not want to follow the pedantic ancestors and still go its own way. With the deep friendship between the father and the emperor Hiroshi, his father hopes to become his father after his death.


Ruilin Liu, born in Beijing on October 6, 1990, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor's degree in performance 09 and a film and television actor in mainland China. In 2011, signed orange days entertainment and formally began acting career. In 2014, due to starred in the city emotional drama "I love male girlfriends," attention. In 2015, with inspirational comedy movie "Get out! Cancer Jun "won the 16th China Film Academy Award newcomer award; the same year, he also participated in the youth suspense movie" I am a witness. " In 2016, in addition to starring youth campus network drama "Sleeping on my bunk brother"; its starring youth movie "remember the juvenile song" and modern comedy "grandfather age 38" have also been released. In 2017, he starred in the costume romance drama "Agni" and the post-urban emotional drama "While We Are Young", the same year he starred in the fantasy drama "San Sheng Shi Shi Li Peach Blossom".

Cheng Yu Yun / Lou Lou' children Ada Play)

Yang Ling One of the wives and wives, 10,000 kinds of style, ice and snow smart, originally the name of Jiangnan, thoughtful mind, female Zhuge. For the loved ones who have been loyal but poisonous tongues for many times, the styles that are changing in the wind and moonlight are not the least for Yang Ling's all-consuming efforts.


Liu Yan (born 8 November 1980), also known as Ada Liu, is a Chinese actress, hostess and singer. She won the "Best New Artist" at the 2nd[clarification needed] Top Chinese Music Awards and the "Best Promising Host" at the 3rd Zongyi Award, in 2010 the Most Influencing Host of China named she on their list of the 10 Greatest hosts in Television.

More《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Zixuan Wang Ma LianEr Yang Ling One of the wives and wives, passionate and open-minded. Beautiful youth, very chivalrous. Treat feelings, love and hate, and courage to pursue your own happiness. Different from the ancient women's view of the world, they treat their feelings boldly and dare to act daringly.
Zhang Sifan Wu HanChao Hot and cold, the martial arts of the strong men, the girls saw him like it, but he loved his cousin Gao WenXin, later injured by Gao Wenxin, began to be insulated from love. For Yang Ling's words and deeds, Yang Ling's good brother is also Yang Ling's master.
Xuan Lu Princess Yongfu / Zhu Xiuling As a royal princess, Qinghe Zhengya, end-Lying. After falling behind Yang Ling from behind the screen, he fell in love with Yang Ling. After resisting the purpose of saving his wife, Yang Ling was even more devout and admired for him. After he failed to recruit horses, he finally confessed to his mother the feeling of Yang Ling. After a bit of hardship, Yang Ling finally became a member of Yang Ling.
Haoyu Chen Tang YiXian Since childhood, Yu Tangchun took care of Yuhuayuan, and Yutang's spring sister and sister-in-law entered Yu Yang's house together with Yu Tangchun. He dared to love and dare to hate, cheerful and free and easy, but kind and impulsive. Zhu Houzhao loved him at first sight, but Tang YiXian never knew that he had almost killed the cliff in order to help Zhu Houzhao to be forced by the pursuers. After the loss of memory, he met again with Zhu Houzhao and gradually accepted Zhu Houzhao.
Haoyu Chen Tang Yixian / Flower Interpretation No introduction
Lidan Wang Yu Tang Chun / Su San One of Yang Ling's wives and concubines was originally a florist of Huaihua Hall. His color and craftsmanship are both meticulous and affectionate. After being redeemed by Yang Ling, he settled in Yang Fu. Yang Ling, who loves righteousness, admired it very much. However, when he saw Yang Ling and his wife's love for him, they buried their love in their hearts. Later, she joined sisters as sisters and used beauty to help Yang Ling overcome difficulties.
Allison Lin Gao WenXin Yang Ling One of the wives and concubines, originally a daughter of the physician, is highly skilled, full of love, has a plan on his chest and is willing to give everything for his beloved. He was rescued by Yang Ling, who had been sent to the teaching workshop division. He voluntarily stayed in the Yang house as a slave and treated Yang Ling as a chronic illness. Wu HanChao admired him very much, but Gao WenXin secretly fell in love with Yang Ling, hiding his love for him in every treatment, and finally got his wife's treatment. He was second only to the young girl.
Pan Yan Song XiaoAi No introduction
Zhixuan Wang Yin QiGongZhu No introduction
(None) Yong ChunGongZhu No introduction
Yijun Liu Hong ZhiHuangDi The ninth emperor of the Ming dynasty greatly loved his son Zhu Houzhao. He is generous and merciful. He is thrifty, unfaithful, diligent in politics, and paying attention to the judiciary. Yang Ling, who often speaks amazingly and is not brand-named, is also very appreciative.
Yijin Dong Wang JingLong As the son of the Minister Wang Qiong, the audience was narrow-minded, seeing that Yang Ling was privileged to take advantage of the imperial elation, and was eventually killed by Yang Ling in the prison.
Monica Yun Er No introduction
Yang Yue Wang Yue No introduction
Xiaohu Liu Ning Wang / Zhu Xi No introduction
Liang Zhenlun Han ManCang No introduction
Joshua Bi Chun No introduction
Yong Qin Han Wu No introduction
Peng Guo Liu DaBangChui No introduction
Rise Mo QingHe No introduction
Ashin Yu Yong No introduction
Ye Zhang Liu Jin No introduction
Mao Su Li DongYang No introduction
Qiang He Wang Qiong No introduction
Yue Liu Zhang Xiu No introduction
Wei Wang Zhang HuangHou No introduction
Jin Cao Ma Ang No introduction
Hao Rongguang Min WenJian No introduction
Yonggang Zhang Bo Yan No introduction
Ma Wei Jun Ma YiCheng No introduction
Guo Meng Wang Da No introduction
(None) Yang Quan No introduction
(None) Wang Er No introduction
(None) Chu Ling No introduction
Lu Ke Ke Tuo Bei No introduction
(None) Er WangZi No introduction
Ju Bin Yuan Xiong No introduction
Ma Xiang Yi Ning QingGongZhu No introduction
Qin junzhe Xue Huan No introduction
Zhou Zilong Zhang LaoSan No introduction
Tsai Pei Chi Ma YongCheng No introduction
(None) Xiao DouYa No introduction
(None) Hong Peng No introduction

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