Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]
Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Episodes

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Ep5:Yang Ling and piao er make an appointment for three years, and the young woman follows Yang Ling to the capital.

Graduation will be paid Ma LianEr To be his wife, Yang Ling Can not bear to see miss ma so to the young mother, said he had to find a county magistrate to discuss and leave home. The child learns today from her brother Bi Chun The big wedding, the yamen all went to the wedding, Yang Ling probably went to the wedding. The han brothers mentioned that they had seen Yang Ling's intimacy with Ma LianEr, and Yang Ling called on her niangzi kindly. The little girl was uneasy and went out to find Yang Ling. When Bi Chun and Ma LianEr visited heaven and earth, Yang Ling rushed to the spot and said Ma YiCheng When he died, he trusted his children to him, and now he must do his parents' duty. Yang Ling asked Ma LianEr if he really wanted to marry Bi Chun. She said she did not hesitate to marry Yang Ling. Yang Ling said she didn't want to marry her, but had a hard time saying it. Yang Ling was worried that Ma LianEr could only live for two years and suggested that he would agree with piao about three years. If he did not fall down after three years and piao did not marry, he would marry piao. Ma LianEr gladly agreed. But the young woman heard this and left with tears in her eyes.

Yang Ling returned home to find her mother had left, leaving only a letter. Yang Ling lamented that she had failed her mother, and felt very sad. The next day, Yang Ling went to see a doctor. After confirming that he would have only two years to live, he was more certain about how he would spend the next two years. In the palace, the emperor has seen the heart of his father-in-law, warning him to keep his own affairs. Wang went back to his room and got the news from the governor of jin yi wei that the emperor was preparing to see Yang Ling, the hero of the battle of jimingyi. He secretly sent someone to get rid of Yang Ling on his way to Beijing.

The county magistrate was transferred to the south to be a fuzhou guerrilla general, before leaving, the county magistrate and Yang Ling drink wine. In the palace, the emperor knew that his time was not long, and he did not want others to see that he was seriously ill, but could only take life-enhancing drugs, but these drugs were very damaging to the body, the emperor had at most half a year to live, but for the security of the court can only be so.

Yang Ling was captured by a group of people, at this time the young niang arrived, in order to save her husband, the young niang to use martial arts but still be subdued. Yang Ling said she was no longer involved with her and asked her to leave. Ma LianEr was informed that Yang Ling was taken away, Ma Ang Yang Ling must be to the capital to do a big official, let piao son hurry to catch up. Ma LianEr flew onto the horse, only to find that Yang Ling did not become an official, but was sent back to Beijing. Ma LianEr cut his hair and shot it to Yang Ling with three arrows. Yang Ling understood that the hair represents love and three arrows represent the date of three years. When the little girl returned home, there was a reason for the thought of Yang Ling. He picked up his luggage and got up to find her.

When the emperor learned that he was seriously ill, all the affairs of the court were handled by the king of ning. The emperor believed that the vassal king should not interfere in the government and thought that the king of ning had a bad heart. He ordered that the king of ning should return to the vassal land and not go to Beijing again. When his father-in-law learned that the emperor did so, he also gave him a car full of fireworks and firecrackers. One is to show that the king of ning, as a royal grandson, is only entitled to have fun, and the other is to warn the king of ning that if he wants to be as brilliant as fireworks, the end must be gone. At this time, father wang's side of the eastern factory governor has seen that the time may be limited, this is to pave the road for the prince.

The emperor summoned the prince and ordered him to be a man of wisdom and courage. He presented the military proposal presented by Yang Ling to the prince for him to study. Yang Ling came to the capital after a long journey and was put in jail. The young mother followed him closely, and in order to get to the capital as soon as possible, she chose a remote path. On the way, the cub encountered the prince and was attacked by tigers. The prince wanted his mother to teach him to subdue the tiger, and offered to recognize her as his sister, showing her the way to the capital. The young mother, after a long journey, finally found the capital but asked to see Wu HanChao No, only at night.

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