Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]
Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling(TV)[2016]

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Episodes

《Back to the ming dynasty to be the prince of yang ling》Ep1:Yang Ling's mysterious coming back from the dead with a clever plan was appreciated by the county magistrate.

< p style = "text - align: left;"> Yang Ling He suddenly woke up to the darkness. He seemed to be locked in a box. He pushed the lid off his head. A woman dressed in happy clothes, who claimed to be a girl, insisted on being a widow and married Yang Ling despite the advice of others around her. Yang Ling heard the name Yang Ling, and did not know why Yang Ling was human. The little girl had just finished the kiss on her own when Yang Quan Brought people to stop, wanted to occupy the property of Yang Ling, also angry that the young woman died Yang Ling. The young woman did not want to be insulted, but crashed into the coffin and wanted to go with her husband. However, the collision happened to break the coffin, and Yang Ling sat up.

< p style = "text - align: left;">Yang Ling was brought to the county government office. The magistrate questioned him about whether he was a ghost or a person. Yang Ling was tied to a post in front of the government office. The young woman accused the county of taking the law into her own hands, and the county order allowed her to feed Yang Ling water. Yang Ling looked at the girl in front of her and felt very sorry. County magistrate to see Yang Ling under the sun is still safe, determined that he is a person, also returned to the property of Yang Ling.

< p style = "text - align: left;">The girl took Yang Ling back to her run-down home. She climbed the peach tree to collect flowers for him. She stood on the tree and almost fell down. One day, Yang Ling suddenly woke up and found that the girl was not at his side. He found that the girl had gone to be her dowry. The owner of the pawn shop said that the old dowry was only worth 200 words. She bought the meat for Yang Ling with 200 words of silver. Yang Ling knew that she saved money and spent it on herself. She felt very guilty and insisted on letting her eat first. During the meal, Yang Ling suddenly felt ill and fainted on the table. While the girl was taking care of Yang Ling, Yang Quan brought people to make trouble. He insisted that Yang Ling take out ten grains of silver and take away the girl and ask Yang Ling to return the money. Yang Ling didn't want her to be humiliated, but agreed to exchange the deed for her. Yang Quan came forward to get the deed, and Yang Ling took advantage of his lack of preparation and bit Yang Quan hard in the ear.

< p style = "text - align: left;"Doctor > gave Yang Ling a diagnosis. He said Yang Ling had been poisoned by erysipelas and might die soon. Yang Ling worried that she would be left alone on the street after her death. A woman was riding through the street when she hit Yang Ling on the road. It turned out that this woman was the daughter of yi cheng Ma LianEr While the two were arguing, a horse came running at the back. Yang Ling was worried that Ma LianEr was injured. He bent over and pushed Ma LianEr away. Yang Ling went to the pawnshop with the deed. He wanted to exchange the deed for the expensive wedding dress in the pawnshop, when Ma LianEr and his brother came Ma Ang Coming to the pawnshop, Ma LianEr wanted to exchange beads for his boss's guitar, but I didn't think that the boss took over Ma LianEr's beads. While everyone was arguing, the shop owner suddenly fell ill and died on the spot. People came to the county government, Ma Ang said that he only mentioned the boss, but did not start beating people, but the county taiye decided that Ma Ang relied on the status of his officials' children, strong robbery guqin, bullying the people, Ma Ang will be taken into custody, and beheaded. Ma wenliang, the yi cheng of jimingyi, was informed that Ma Ang had caused such a disaster. Ma LianEr begged his father to save Ma Ang. Then ma wenliang thought of Yang Ling, who could recite the law of daming.

< p style = "text - align: left;">When Yang Ling and her mother were in the room again holding the wedding ceremony, Ma LianEr suddenly arrived and claimed to be looking for Yang Ling, a scholar, to ask him to save his brother. But Yang Ling said it was not good for her and she did not want to help. Ma LianEr angrily accused Yang Ling of being a womanizer, which was heard by his mother. Yang Ling immediately asked Ma LianEr to talk in the yard. The young mother was displeased at their insistence on avoiding herself. Yang Ling asked Ma LianEr to take out 516 taels of silver, and the matter will be settled. Ma LianEr agreed, and then Yang Ling told her a clever plan. At night, Ma LianEr came to the pawnshop to steal the residue. The next day, she and Yang Ling went to the county government to beat the drum. Yang Ling first proposed that Ma LianEr's pearls had been found out from the pawnshop owner. It can be seen that Ma LianEr was motivated by his wealth and opinions to cause disputes. Then Yang Ling came to the doctor, who admitted that the pawnshop owner had taken the medicine from him for years and was not physically tough. Then the grave-digger came from Yang Ling. The grave-digger said that the body of the dead man had no trauma, and it was difficult to conclude that he had been beaten to death. Yang Ling said he was present at the time, the boss's death because of his age, was exposed on the spot injustice, shame and death. The magistrate found Yang Ling soft in hard, a talent, ordered Ma Ang to be released.

< p style = "text - align: left;"> Ma LianEr was very grateful to Yang Ling for his help and gave the pearl to his wife. Yang Ling was eating wine with the magistrate in the county government office. The magistrate appreciated him very much and asked him to be his supervisor. Yang Ling suggested that he wanted to withdraw the money in advance so that the young woman would not be wronged. At this time, my niang found the pearls sent by Ma LianEr at home. She also thought they were confidants of Yang Ling and Ma LianEr, which made her very angry. Yang Ling explained to her that she was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. When Yang Ling bought the wedding dress for her, a wounded soldier burst into their yard. He asked Yang Ling to inform the county government that the tatars were gathering half a million troops and coming to the village.

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