Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]

《Rule the World》Ep10:Chu Ying hunting hurt East Chicago mistaken drink drug lovers

East Brother Riding the big green horse was shocked, seeing the East Columbia will fall from the horse, Huang Taiji hurried over, light as Yan swung to the horse, controlled the scared big green horse , Help the East Columbia hunting to the fox. The character of the East is so good that he did not praise Huang Taiji but expressed that he could also hunt for the prey. Huang Taizi watched the East Columbia, who left for the hunt, deep in the woods, showing a helpless smile on his face. East Columbia into the woods for a long time did not come back, Nurhaci uneasy heart, worried about the East Columbia suffered. Chu brother suddenly with abdominal injuries Chu Ying back, she accidentally injured Chu hunting in the hunting process, but fortunately Chu Ying injured is fur, rest for a few days nothing, East Columbia decided to take good care of the palace back to Chu , Which makes Chu Ying feel bored by disaster. Hunting activities around the East Columbia turn to East Columbia as the center, East Columbia became the core figure hunting activities. Aba Hai back to the house, the more you want more gas. Big blessing took the opportunity to tell the truth in front of Aba Hai, pretending to be Abe Hai Ming Ping, accusing East Columbia is a fox, hook go Nurhachu soul. Ha Min knew that the big blessing of Jin was using Abahai and was leaving for Big Fukien. Ha Min reminded Abai not to attend the big blessing of Jin. The great power of the Great Fujin, Ha Min remind Aba Hai can not positively conflict with the big blessing. Aba Hai did not put big blessing on the eyes, she decided after the first harem must be her. Chu Ying and generation of good drink together worry about, two because one can not get the favor of East Columbia and distressed, one because the East Columbia deeply loved by everyone and worry. Daisen drunk wine rickety back to the room, suddenly found in the room there is a long-haired woman. On behalf of good long hair woman is the East Columbia, a closer look, long hair woman is abahai. Nurhachi is about to marry Abhahai. This Abhahai came to see the good and evil in order to marry the good and hope that good will be able to propose to his father Nuerhaochi, Broken heart. Nurhachu decorated the house, celebrating the upcoming marriage of Abahai. East Columbia to attend the feast, Abbahai heart to determine the calculation of East Columbia, secretly stepped on the East Columbia kick, resulting in East Columbia stumbled fall on the ground step on his dress, the public out of the joke downtown joke . Nurhaci distressed brother fell, the anger vent to the next person, scolded several people meal. Aba Hai left the seat, brought back the drug loopholes, secretly into the East Cup drink inside the glass. East Columbia totally do not know drink cup of wine, suddenly feel the body heat, the body has a wave of desire to surging. Huang Taiji saw the East Columbia look abnormal, want to take away immediately with brother.

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