Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]

《Rule the World》Cast

Aixinjueluo, Huang Taiji Raymond Lam Play)

The second sweat after the gold, the founding emperor of the Qing Dynasty, an outstanding military strategist and politician in early Qing Dynasty. Nurhachu eighth son, 12-year-old mother, 20-year-old troops to fight, 35-year-old ascended the throne, 52-year-old died. Belly black domineering but affectionate. A mighty force, flags flying, tense, explosive.

Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam (born 8 December 1979) is a Hong Kong actor and singer. He is best known for his roles in the television dramas A Step into the Past, Moonlight Resonance, Highs and Lows and Line Walker, as well as being the "King of Chok" for his role in The Mysteries of Love.

Yehnara East Brother Yixin Tang Play)

Xing world, may die the world, follow the heart, loyal to love, Jurchen beauty of the first "East Columbia", how many heroes for your competition waist.

Yixin Tang

Tang Yixin (Chinese: 唐艺昕, born 9 December 1989), also known as Tina Tang, is a Chinese actress and singer.

Yehnerla East Brother / step leisurely Yixin Tang Play)

Bu Si Ya Ma La Gege, nicknamed the East Brother, is the first beauty of Jurchen, was born from the prophecy of "may Xing world, may die the world", she dealt between men, after twists and turns, with the real love People together, the achievements of a moving soul legend.

Yixin Tang

Tang Yixin (Chinese: 唐艺昕, born 9 December 1989), also known as Tina Tang, is a Chinese actress and singer.

Aixinjueluo, good faith Ray Play)

Qing Taizu Nurhaci second son. Was given due to the heroic combat code "ancient British Batu Lu", 1616 was sealed as He Shu Baylor, participate in the state government, the head of the four Baylor, in order, said Baylor. Gentle jade, good forbear, has been deeply in love with the East Columbia but unhappy.


Ray Chang (Ray), formerly known as Zhang Hangrui, was born on April 7, 1987 in Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. He is a film and television actor, pop singer and presenter in the Mainland of China. He graduated from the Undergraduate Class 06 in the Central Academy of Drama. In 2010, starred in the first personal drama "Dream of Red Mansions", which officially entered the showbiz. 2011, in the costume love comedy "New My Fair Princess" played five elder brother Aixinjueluo Yongqi; the same year, starring costume legend drama "Sui and Tang hero." In 2012, he was awarded "Best New Year Male Films of the Year" by the "6th Tencent Star Ceremony"; subsequently, he played the leading role in the urban suspense drama "Flowers Non-Fog Non-Fog". In 2013, the debut album "Ray Chang" was released. In the same year, she was the host of Sichuan TV's outdoor reality show "Two Days and One Night." In 2014, she won the Mainland's Most Popular Newcomer Award in the "MusicRadio China Top Charts". In 2015, starring urban fashion inspirational drama "hello tomorrow." May 23, 2016, starring in the costume martial arts "Xian Zhi Yun of Van" premiere in Hunan Satellite TV; the same year, starring costume legendary drama "dominated the world."

More《Rule the World》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
(None) Meng GeBuLu No introduction
Xinyu Chen WuLaNaLa·ABaHai Ula Department full Thai Baylor female, Qing Taizu Nurhaci fourth Princess, Azge, Dorgon, Tudor mother. Eleven years after the forced death was sacrificed, at the age of 37 years. Graceful, but temperament jealous, is Nurhachu's big blessing
Gangshan Jing Aixinjueluo Nurhachi After the golden founding emperors, twenty-five-year-old recruits uniform Jurchen ministries, 1616, the establishment of gold. Calm and comfortable, ambitious, no one on the battlefield to the enemy, but can not conquer the heart of East Columbia, beauty, love the country.
Wang Kai Yi Aixinjueluo Chu Ying Nurhachu eldest son. Cold proud overbearing, unruffled, short-lived life dedication of love brother, humble but extremely crazy.
Chu Xiao Qu Aixinjueluoluoer Seoul Qing Taizu Nurhaci fourteenth son, Aba Hai second son, an outstanding politician and military strategist in early Qing Dynasty. In 1628, 17-year-old Dorgon with the emperor Tai Chi expedition, because the military power was given the number "Melgen Daiqing" become the flag is the main flag. Wise and courageous, unruly, have a superman strategy and smart childhood, famous world.
Rongzhen Xu Fu Cha·GunDai No introduction
zhengyanran Ge Dai Aba Hai Tang Gu, Huang Taiji side of the Fu Jin, the beginning of the East Columbia girl. Tingting show Wan, boxing heart really, although with the master of the East Columbia servant, but the situation with sisters. Selfless dedication to East Brother and Tai Chi can have a lover eventually get married.
Chen Jinyao Yehnaullah Utana Gentle and kind-hearted, dedicated to love, is the granddaughter of the leader of the Yeh Jintai stone
Deyi Huang Aixinjueluo Duo Duo Qing Taizu Nurhaci fifteenth son, 阿济格, Dole 衮 with his mother, Manchuria white flag flag main, one of the eight iron hat in the early Qing Dynasty, the title hereditary Reid. Looks good, good at military affairs.
Yuanhui Wang Borjit Jezeric Empress Dowager Taejong Huang Taiji, Mongolian Horqin Belle Mang ancient Gossip Girl, Xiao Zhuang Wen Empress Bu MuBuTai and Highlanders aunt. Elegant Ya Yong expensive, extraordinary temperament, is the Mongolian Horqin Belle Mang ancient Gossip girl.
Zidong Yan Ulanala Buzhan Thai Ula Baylor, the last generation of the Lord. Handsome and resolute, arrogant arrogant, Wula chieftain Thai brother
Wide bangs Aixinjueluo Jierhalang Nurhachi's nephew, who lived in Nurhaci's palace since childhood, was nurtured by Nurhachu, who followed Nurhachin's southern expedition in his youth and was denounced by He Shu Beller for military service. Handsome and straight, immense power.
Fei Yehnara Su Tai Beautiful handsome, easy to be kind, is Uttara's sister
Nan Xia A DanZhu Gentle sweet, courageous show of love, loved by the people of Valkacheg
Davis Aixinjueluo Haug No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Saharan No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Yue Tuo No introduction
Ashin Yehnara Bhayan No introduction
(None) A KeDun No introduction
Leon Aixinjueluo Shurehaqi No introduction
해찬 Aixinjueluo Mang Gul'tai No introduction
Yuchen Xie Xiao Qiu No introduction
Qin junzhe Li Gen No introduction
(None) Shao NianDuoDuo No introduction
(None) A NaBa No introduction
(None) Zha XiDa No introduction
Jiang Tianyu Shao NianDaiShan No introduction
(None) Ji Yue No introduction
(None) Po Po No introduction
Cao Meng grid Bu MuBuTai Young into the government, there are new born calves are not afraid of tiger momentum, straightforward character, bent on pleasing Wong Tai Chi, but exhausted means are of no avail.
kelvin Wu KeYa No introduction
Meifang Lu Ha Min No introduction

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