Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]

Rule the World(TV)[2017]

Episode: 45 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Raymond Lam Yixin Tang Yixin Tang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Shao JingHui Year: 2017
Writer: Bai YiCong Yuan Ang Zhang Genre: Costumes | Love | History
Producer: Maggic Master

《Rule the World》Episodes

As a writer of the novel, Step by Step (Yi Xin Tang) was deeply attracted by the story of the true princess, the first beauty of the East Brother, after which she searched the ancient books and collected some bits and pieces of patchwork, Legendary love story gradually started under her pen. At the end of the Wanli calendar, the goddess Yi Xin Tang, who is a member of Yehbu's ministry, ". Because of her beauty and reputation has become the Jurchen tribes compete for the target, East Columbia had no choice but to struggle vortex, only strong in the desperate effort to survive. Brother Dong was sent to Nurhachi (Gangshan Jing) by his brother as a political tool, as well as predatory feelings by Wang Kai Yi, gentleness and consideration by Ray Shan, Raymond Lam An irreplaceable love, uninhibited by Chu Xiao Qu. East Columbia take care of Huang Taiji, which lovers in getting along gradually understand, trust each other, love life. Yin and Yang errant, the two separated, but after all, end with Wong Tai Chi reunion, self-recovery, accompanied by its left and right, witnessed the establishment of the great Taiji Qing, shoulder to shoulder with the vision of peace and prosperity, the achievement of a moving soul legend .

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