Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]

《Rule the World》Ep4:Nurhachu beat Meng Ge Bulu on behalf of good faith to the East Columbia success

Nurhachi set off with good deeds, go to Meng GeBuLu sites, the rescue of East Columbia. Chu Ying learned that his father, Nurhaci, did not bring himself to expedition, and furiously claimed that the East Columbia was his woman, without any fear of someone passing what he said to his father Nurhachu. Huang Taiji learned that his father was about to send troops to visit his father and proposed to crusade Meng GeBuLu with his father. Nurhaci most do not like Huangtaiji, that Huangtaiji is not a war material, Huang Taiji sincere attitude, request with his father Nurhachu expedition, Nurhaci impressed by Huang Taji's sincere attitude, agreed to take Tai Chi expedition. Instead of acting immediately after Meng GeBuLu's site, he sent a spy to spy on his military intelligence and reported his military intelligence to his father, Nurhaci. On behalf of the most resourceful and resourceful like Nurhachu when he was a young man, Nurhachu saw the shadow of his own age from his generational goodness. A soldier enters the camp, looks like an unusual something. Goodwill to see the soldiers wrong, leaving a heart. Suddenly, the soldier intends to poison the Nurhachu hand, Daihatsu has long been prepared, shot and killed the soldiers. Nurhachi assassination son to protect the good, my heart was very pleased. Meng GeBuLu under house arrest in the East, not to the East Columbia out of town. Dong Ge led the confrontation Ge Dai want to escape, the master and servant of the two met into the room Meng GeBuLu, Ge Dai care keen keen to Meng GeBuLu desperately, but she is a weak female, is not Meng GeBuLu opponent. Meng GeBuLu Rulangsihu East Brother in the body under pressure, seeing East Columbia Meng GeBuLu King will be hard on the bow, Nurhaci troops pierced Meng GeBuLu city. Meng GeBuLu became a prisoner in prison, and when Brother East woke up and found himself lying in the embrace of goodness, she did not expect to escape Meng GeBuLu's claws, and now she miraculously lies in her arms, She is sad and joyful. Daihatsu took out the white ring, once again proposed to the East Columbia, East Columbia cried and took the white jade ring, Daihan finally captured the heart of East Columbia, overjoyed grabbed the East Columbia. Meng GeBuLu became a prisoner, and Nurhachik decided to kill Meng GeBuLu and all the men of his tribe in the belief of extermination. In fact, Nurhachu privately opened the net, did not kill Wurghudai, but tours Wurgudui a city, will be a state Gege Xu allocated to Wurgudu Dai, with the pro way to buy Wurghudai. Bangladesh ancient critically ill, East Columbia, accompanied by goodness back Jianzhou, met Meng ancient. Yeh sent the so-called Meng Gu's relatives is actually a fake, but Bujan sent a servant, Boon Young did not care about the ancient Bangladesh worth mentioning, actually sent a servant to visit Bangladesh, Wong Tai Chi clear Straight phase of a chair hit Boon Young ancient servants.

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