Rule the World(TV)[2017]
Rule the World(TV)[2017]

《Rule the World》Ep16:Adan beads fell in love with Wong Tai Chi Wula department was defeated by the state army

Chu Ying, regardless of the overall situation just want to save the East Columbia, Nurhachu indignant training Chu Ying meal. Huang taiji rushed to kick down Chu Ying, ordered Chu Ying kneeling mistakes. Jianying also begged for Chu Ying, brought up Chu Ying and East Columbia grew up together, feeling deep, now just want to save the East Columbia extenuating. Under the mediation of behalf of good and Huang Taiji, Nurhaci no longer punished Chu Ying. Ula tribe led the army attack Fayou city, Wu KeYa watched the people were massacred by the army of the Urals, intolerable with troops to meet the Ura Department. A DanZhu worried that his tribe will be defeated by the Urals and decided to commit suicide so as not to become a plaything in the Urals. East Brother timely shot blocking A DanZhu committed suicide, when a few Tai Chi led the army to kill the state. Fight Ula tribal army. Chu Ying at the time of the enemy to fight brave, but also blocked a knife for Wu KeYa, A DanZhu had a good impression on Chu Ying, to explore the identity of Chu Ying to the East Columbia. East Brother reminds A DanZhu fancy Chu Ying has a wife and wife, A DanZhu a look of shy and did not disappoint, she had long been psychologically prepared, such as Chu Ying generals have wife is very normal. Chu Ying at the celebration party accidentally recognized the East Columbia, suddenly a surprise surprise, Dai Shan took away the East Columbia, asked why the East has been to avoid him, East Columbia do not want to ignore the good, returned to the banquet to drink. A DanZhu to clarify the identity of East Columbia, had a dissatisfaction with the East Columbia, East Brother was A DanZhu brothers and sisters were rescued Did not say a real name, falsely claiming to be Han Chinese step leisurely. A DanZhu until the East Brother as a good sister, but was deceived by East Columbia, my heart is not the taste. East brother knew wrong first, a look of guilty silent drinking. Few glasses of wine, East Columbia lost consciousness, until she woke up is the next day, lying on the side of Huang Taiji. East brother got up to drink tea, Huang Taiji also woke up, the two said there is nothing to laugh together bed together. A DanZhu found that he only respect Chu Ying, Huang Taiji has unspeakable love. A DanZhu to the East Columbia Wong Tai Chi probing the identity of the East Columbia's referral to get to know Huang Taiji, surrounded by Huang Taiji round, young girl full of hearts. Huang Taiji A DanZhu no love, a look of helplessness. Modern, leisurely sitting in front of the computer percussion keyboard writing unique world novel, a friend asked her who intends to arrange who love with the East Columbia, her face mysterious claim their own plans. Five hundred members of the Varar tribe were attacked again by the Ula Department. Huang Taiji and his entourage turned to Trinity Bayer Shurehaqi, who owns Zhenglan Banner. But Shurehaqi did not immediately send troops to support, he has been only get their positive blue flag and dissatisfaction, hate Nurhachu and two nephews won the three flags. Ula Department army struck, Huang Taiji dressed in battle, and the Department of General Yola Fukula fight.

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