《AllQuietinPeking》Ep52:Episode 52

Chiang Ching-kuo also lost gambling, November 2, 1948, the Northeast Field Army Liberation of Northeast China, the end of the battle of Liao-Shen. On the same day, the Kuomintang was forced to declare the failure of the currency reform. Chiang Ching-kuo issued a "Letter to the People of Shanghai" in Shanghai. In the meantime, the final decision on Fang MengAo came down-agreeing to Fang MengAo as a military attache in the United States. However, Fang MengAo himself strongly disagreed with the fact that he did not do anything for the Communist Party two years after he joined the party. He could not hide in the United States so. Faced with the general trend, Ceng KeDa eventually chose to commit suicide. On December 13, the Northeast Field Army occupied Wanping and Fengtai outside Peiping, and proceeded to Peking in Xiangshan on the 14th. It was forced to Nanyuan Airport and Fu Zuoyi was defused by the withdrawal route of the Beiping defender. Xu Yongchang, a special plane dispatched by Chiang Kai-shek, flew to Peiping and returned with an old face. Xu TieYing this coming Peking, one is to withdraw the money in the name of the branch of Peking away, there is to move the Fourth Corps Ninth Corps stubborn defiance. Zhang YueYin of North China City Department of Labor met Fang MengAo and instructed him to carry out his scheduled airdrop mission on schedule, disrupt Nanjing's plan and told him that the day after tomorrow, the People's Liberation Army will complete the siege of Peiping.

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