Episode: 53 Area: China
Stars: Ye Liu Baoguo Chen Huang Jiao More>> Language:
Director: Sheng Kong Xue Li Year: 2014
Writer: Heping Liu Genre: Modern | War
Producer: Ke Liming


Stills In 1948, both the KMT and the CPC have been decisive battle, the KMT economy collapsed. Fang MengAo, an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party lurking in the KMT and serving as an Air Force colonel, was ordered by Chiang Ching-kuo to investigate thoroughly the Peking Parliamentary Conference and the Central Bank Peking Branch corruption case. The president of Peiping Branch is his father, Fang BuTing. Chiang Ching-kuo's Operation "Peacock Flying Southeast" He QiCang and Fang BuTing promoted the currency reform with the aim of plundering the gold and silver foreign exchange from the people. Fighting on this major economic battle, the progressive youth of the CPC's underground party and Peking Union Leagues and the coroner Liang Jing-lun, an important member of the Kuomintang lurking in the CCP, and the corrupt forces of all parties started a thrilling contest. In order to peacefully liberate Peiping and further peacefully liberate more cities throughout China, the CPC Central Committee promised to allow General Fu Zuoyi peace talks to meet the demands of peaceful negotiations. At the critical moment, Fang MengAo executed the "peacock southeast flight" and was responsible for transporting looted gold, silver and foreign exchange to Taiwan. Let Fang MengAo execute a new order that allowed Fang MengAo and his group to transport the Kuomintang's gold and silver foreign exchange at the Peking Treasury.

Plot Summary>>

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