《AllQuietinPeking》Ep10:Episode 10

At the request of Liang JingLun, He XiaoYu brought Fang MuAo with Xie MuLan and invited him to go home for dinner. Fang BuTing saw downstairs Fang MengAo and He XiaoYu, is truly fit, with a smile but left to go home. In the bedroom, Fang MengAo and He XiaoYu talked about the Communist Party. Fang MengAo talked about Lin DaWei, a communist party he had ever seen. He admired Lin DaWei's authenticity and selflessness. Just as He XiaoYu wanted to speak out about the Communists she had seen, Fang MengAo forced to stop the conversation and got up and left. The two conversations were heard clearly by Xie PeiDong, next door. Where Fang BuTing did not mention the marriage contract of his children, he discussed with He QiCang about the currency reform bill the government wants them to draft. The two believed that the banks have no reserve and the consortium that monopolizes the market is not willing to take the supplies to strengthen the market. Therefore, the reform of the currency system can only be a rhetoric.

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