《AllQuietinPeking》Ep1:episode 1

Plot picture In July 1948, the price of foodstuffs in the Kuomintang area soared to 360,000 Francs a pound. The Peking Senate resolution ordered the cancellation of 15,000 puppets from northeastern exile students, provoking student protests and triggering the KMT Air Force collusion with the Peiping Civilian Dispatch Commission to smuggle malpractice. The U.S. Note will stop its aid to the National Government and Fang BuTing, manager of the Central Bank's Peking branch, will investigate the smuggling accounts. Fang BuTing and Xie Xie PeiDong suspect there is a lurking Communist party inside Peking branch that leaked their accounts. In the meantime, Fang BuTing's eldest son, Colonel Fang MengAo, is on trial in Nanjing on suspicion of defying military orders and refusing to bomb Kaifeng. Cases were also tried by Hou Jun Tang, former KMT Lieutenant General for the Air Forces Operations, and Lin DaWei, a member of the Communist underground. At a time when Major General Donald E. Ceng KeDa of the Ministry of Defense prepared to conduct an investigation, major pilots involved in the pilot's attempt to flee the island flew away from the airport. However, the plane was struck by a lightning strike and was most likely to fall into the urban area causing casualties. At a crucial moment, Ceng KeDa temporarily lifted Fang MengAo's custody. The "Eagle" returned successfully under the persuasion and direction of Fang MengAo. Surprisingly, the "Eagle" was assassinated after landing.

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