《AllQuietinPeking》Ep46:Episode 46

Ceng KeDa and Xu TieYing received orders from their superiors at the same time. Ceng KeDa received the order to work with Liang JingLun and Fang MengAo to safeguard the livelihood supplies of TEDA. Xu TieYing received the order is to prevent communism and Communism, chaos to save the country! The two forces point at the same time to one person, the one who knows the innermost feelings - Ma HanShan. Ceng KeDa With the order of the Executive Economic Committee, Xu TieYing came to Xishan Jail to raise Ma HanShan with the orders of the KMT Central Standing Committee. Prior to his departure, Ma HanShan handed over to Wang PuChen, a veteran sibling, a black book containing detailed corruption by all parties and handed over Wang PuChen to Chiang Ching-kuo. Around the power of raising Ma HanShan, Ceng KeDa and Xu TieYing started to talk. Xu TieYing pointed out that the Redemption of JRC with the recriminations of party factions Fang Mengao and Ceng KeDa pointed out directly that some people within the Kuomintang are trying to get rid of their fish and even cover their own corruption with the name of anti-communism. The first day of the monetary reform, actually there have been two diametrically opposed orders. The power to resist is beyond Ceng KeDa's prediction. Behind Xu TieYing is a powerful KMT CC camp.

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