Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]
Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Episodes

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Ep13:Episode 13

Gao JiaSheng, Albin and Aling lead Mike with the scenery, eat seafood, Tianrui also rushed over. A person came to the parents opened the snack bar Ling, laughter filled with a small shop. Because of investment failure, Xiuling's mother had a great opinion of Shengtai. Gao JiaSheng analyzed the current situation and encouraged Xiu Ling parents to open shop in Hong Kong. Alleppey's parents visited the Wearing Hotel Alleying, Tianrui hospitality. Elderly people like this guy, but Aling is not complacent, because the feelings of things even her own are not clear. Rain rainbow very boring, in order to livelihood and future development, she had no choice but to go to an auction, Yuhong met Xie Na and Gao TianZe Yuhong, Xie Xie unnoticed eyes, Yuhong know herself There will be trouble again.

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