Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]
Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Cast

Zhu XiuLing Xiwen Cao Play)

Zhu XiuLing is a very traditional girl who sticks to her own ideas and accumulates experience for her own purposes. When I first came to Hong Kong, she was just a working girl in a hotel, starting from the bottom. But it is precisely because of her persistence and strong, so she finally had a good destination.

Xiwen Cao

Cao Xiwen (born 16 November 1983) is a Chinese actress.

Lin YuHong Cherrie Ying Play)

Early temperament generous, cheerful enthusiasm, and later completely exposed their own nature of vanity until the last jail.

Cherrie Ying

Ting Man (born 20 June 1983), better known by her stage names Cherrie Ying or Ying Choi-yi, is a Taiwan-born Hong Kong actress. She moved to New York City at a young age, and later to Hong Kong. Her nickname is "Dingding" (丁丁), and she is often credited under the name Cherrie In.

Gao JiaSheng Paul Chun Play)

Shengtai Group chairman, Gao TianZe, Gao TianRui's father. Approachable, optimistic and uplifting, weightloss. After decades of struggle, from scratch, from weak to strong, the Group has become Hong Kong's real estate, hotels, transportation, retail business in one kingdom. He was able to see a higher peak shining from afar when it reached a peak. On Gao JiaSheng, it reflects the spirit of Hong Kong people who are adventurous and pioneering and innovative.

Paul Chun

Paul Chun Pui (秦沛/姜昌年) (born 26 June 1945) is a Shanghai-born Chinese actor in Hong Kong who has appeared in over 130 films and TV series. Chun appeared in Cantonese cinema and Taiwanese film industry. In foreign film, he appeared in The Sand Pebbles (1966), an American film produced and directed by Robert Wise.

Zhu YuanGui Yut Fei Wong Play)

Yut Fei Wong

Wong Yat-fei is a Hong Kong cinema actor who has acted in numerous Cantonese films. Wong is still remembered for his role as Iron Head in Shaolin Soccer and won popular awards for the same. Wong appeared in more than 139 films in his career.

More《Sisters in Hong Kong》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Nina Paw Chen FuZhen No introduction
Chi-ho Lam Gao TianZe Grand son of Hong Kong Shengtai Group, married Lin YuHong, unscrupulous for the competition for property. And his brother Gao TianRui anti-head, but the final conflict to resolve.
Johnny Zhang Gao TianRui Hong Kong Shengtai Group second son, wealthy family, rich and famous son rich, because of falling in love with Zhu XiuLing, and changed. Positive and optimistic, down-to-earth, and Zhu XiuLing together take over the family business group, together for the cause hard, resist the difficulties, and ultimately live up to expectations of the successful development and expansion of the family business.
Lin Cui Zhao Bin Honest, steady, easy-going and like to justice, full of responsibility, in the face of complex emotional disputes can be rational treatment.
Chen Wei Rong Yang Tao No introduction
Ray Chan Wang Li No introduction
Huang Min Ye Xie Na No introduction
Miao Yanfei Nai Nai No introduction
Fu Yu Jia Mo Ran No introduction
(None) Xiao Ya No introduction
(None) Chen An No introduction

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