Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]
Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Episodes

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Ep28:Episode 28

Yuhong addicted to show Ling, Tin Shui has said the testament of the will of the master dying, rain rainbow stunned. After that, she forced her to persecute Xie's lawyer and showed her the last testament made by her when she was dying. This made Yuhong's scheme even more powerful. Rain Rainbow convened a board to cast Shirley Shing Tai. A Tao found Ze days, to tell his own heart. And Tin Chak also showdown with Yuhong, but unfortunately had to Shengtai chairman and chairman of the job to Yuhong, their own plans to go to the United States. After rain rainbow in Shengwei is more wanton, Shengtai's destiny at stake.

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