Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]
Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Episodes

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Ep19:Episode 19

Rainbow rain is very virtuous marriage, high up and down her very satisfied. Nai Nai Do not trust Yu Hong came to Hong Kong from Lamma Island and Fu Zhen received her enthusiastically. Rain Nai Nai Nai do not have to worry about themselves, promised she will often go back later to see her explain everything that happened. Tin Chak Yuhong found the real situation, for a noisy relationship between the two dropped to freezing point. Tianrui saw Guangsha's model Xiuling portraying the beautiful future of Guangsha afterwards and hoped that Tianrui would help Gaogao achieve it together. On the site Xiuxian Tianrui talked a lot for the first time, Xiu Ling saw the true side of Tianrui, all previous mistakes disappeared.

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