Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]
Sisters in Hong Kong(TV)[2006]

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Episodes

《Sisters in Hong Kong》Ep10:Episode 10

Ailing learned that the rainbow drama was deleted, and my heart is very anxious. Rain Rainbow is drinking in the bar and Ali, in order to find out the secrets of Xie Na and the boss, she let Ali act as a private detective. Ali photographed the boss and Xie Na with affectionate photos, rain rainbow poke the tabloid photo. So, aroused an uproar. Xie Na was surrounded by scandal, popular index fell dramatically, Rain Rainbow from female No. 2 into a female number one. And because of the principle of being a man, Arlene and rain rainbow dispute. Thanks to the director's appreciation and audience recognition, Yuhong quickly became a rising star. However, Ling always felt a bit slump.

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