Snow monster adventure' reveals an emotional video clip online: funny and funny without losing depth!

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Linkeddb News October 24 The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure The film is currently showing nationwide, with a score of 9.3 points for cat eye, 8.7 points for Amoy and 7.6 points for douban. Audience rating of all platforms is the highest in the same period. At the same time, it also won the title of the box office of the same period animation film, which received rave comments. "unexpectedly good-looking", "profound meaning", "full laugh" and other huge thumb up hit, "the most education significance of the family entertainment film this autumn", "want to raise snow strange" and other exclamations are more continuous. Today, the movie once again revealed "little foot saves big foot" footage, in which snow monster was not only subjected to human siege, but also was "betrayed" by former human friends. The human disguises the snow monster to attract fire, and the truth comes out in tears. Great personality deep meaning, children see laugh material, young people find resonance! Snow Monster Adventure, the biggest animated movie of the year for fans of all ages, is in full release, so grab the ticket and start an Adventure in the frosty world!

Miko look cute in the dark. JPG

Touched! Sacrifice oneself to save the friend causes the tear eye family friendship to blossom comprehensively

In the newly released footage, the human snow monster plays a heartwarming moment. The clip begins with the former human friends' meeting with the snow monster when they pull out their guns. The thunderous wail of migos worries his companions and attracts the humans who pursue them. In the vast snow, when hearing the sound of human siege, the truth of bossi's "civet cat for crown prince" is revealed, for the sake of good friends willing to sacrifice their lives to rescue a snow monster, this profound friendship across species is moving. The film is in full swing, and many people who walked into the theater were impressed and praised: "I didn't think about it at all, nor did I think that my daughter and I were all moved to tears." At the same time, the movie rice fruit and "little foot monster research" tacit understanding between the friendship is also moving. "Miko and chunky are cute, too, laughing to stomach pains from their interaction" and "seeing 'me and my friends daily' from miko and a few of his friends is warm and lovely". In the film, miguo's touching family relationship with his father and the village head family also received positive comments. "miguo and his father's last words were so tearful that the village head threw stones at the plane with his bare hands to save his daughter. Full marks recommended! An interracial adventure is playing out in theaters. Buy tickets now.

Related story members of the little foot monster institute come out en masse. JPG

Joke!!!! The human snow monster is happy

Since its release, the film has become the most talked about animated film of the fall, with its dense points of laughter in contrast to the delight of human snow monsters, pleasant heart-walking music and hilarious jokes. Among them, the fun of the human snow monster was praised by the audience as: "unexpectedly funny, posey laughs to spray popcorn with rice fruit baked on the fire!" ", "super cute, the first time migos and posey meet, I can laugh for a month". In the film, the dynamic or warm songs are also very intoxicating, with many people saying: "mi qi has a brain, even if the singing is so good, it can be said that the snow mountain winner". At the same time, the film's many jokes that fit right into the moment are even more incendiary. ", "the rice fruit fell down the way is no problem with life and my true portrayal! But still can't help laughing to shake leg!" . The cute and cuddly look of the snow monsters is also well received and imaginative: "who can tell me what the red number is for the snow monsters? The fur looks like a touch! Snow Monster Adventure, an animated movie with the highest rating on the same schedule and the first place in the box office of the same schedule, is on the hot stage.

JPG wide and fat, curious to see posey for the first time

'Snow Monster Adventure,' a fantasy Adventure animated film from warner bros. films by 'money boss' Channing Tatum ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle), NBA superstar LeBron James , charm goddess Zendaya ("Spider - Man: Homecoming), famous comedians James Corden (Peter rabbit) the sound of love, the movie is hot in the country, big foot and small feet in the world, I invite you to accompany with joy!


Pocibranda kind-hearted human duo. JPG

JPG, the first human sighting in the foot monster institute

Related story big and small snow monsters sit around campfire. JPG

Goshi village chief not angry and self-vilified. JPG


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