Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Another three days into a netizen released in October most looking forward to the movie!

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" Kingsman: The Golden Circle " will be officially released in China on October 20, as the birthplace of the 007 series of agent films. The trump agents show the British gentleman's character and aristocracy most vividly. View of the trump card 1 super-high praise, 2 has not been released by users included in the most anticipated movie in October.

If the upper emphasis is on reflecting British gentleman's character, then this golden circle is about the brutality and debauchery of western cowboys. The Golden Circle is the name of the female BOSS organization. Each member of the organization will use a 24K King gold on his chest Circle. Star Relations Commissioner watched the "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" point map brings us an exclusive spoiler!


"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" at the opening staged a fierce battle plus drag racing car, the last out of Charlie became the ultimate female boss's "right arm", with a robotic arm appeared, and through the arm Remote control steal the ace agent all the information, then the ace agent was a female boss swept away, in addition to male and ordinary staff Merlin escaped unharmed. The whole movie full of fighting drama, whether it is snow-capped mountains show, or the ultimate battle are as if full, high-tech is unmatched, such as adding a new watch that can invade any controller, you can enter the blood through the human mucosa, monitor and Locate the tracker. There are also some American cousins, agents, such as baseball miners, baseball grenades, LV machine guns, and bulletproof body shields.


Early warning of high energy, children under the age of eighteen are not recommended to watch the movie, there are some very yellow violent plot, remember.



In general, the film is still worth the fare, but we try to look at the first make-up class, do not make up the lesson may not understand why there is a Charlie because of the opening you have become a gentleman, I became Under et al. October period in addition to a few hot before the National Day file, the golden circle can be said that the independence of the.


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