Snow monster adventure' shortlisted for best animated feature at the oscars

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Miko confronts village chief face to face. JPG

Linkeddb News October 26& have spent The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure "The movie is in full swing, and the movie reverses its tendency to make people laugh. Snow Monster Adventure was recently listed in the top 25 of the best animated feature category at the Academy Awards. Its excellent plot and production level are impressive. Cat's eye scored 9.3 points, Amoy scored 8.7 points and douban scored 7.6 points, making it the most cheerful quality family entertainment animated film of the year. Today, the movie exposes the positive clip of "listening to father's words". Snow monster and his son put on a warm lesson. The father teaches his son to be brave and pursue the truth, which gives a unique feeling of life. The friend is in danger, snow strange father fire line rescue, let the human along with the heartbeat tension. "The first half of the film was full of laughter, and the second half was moved to tears several times", "profound in meaning, but also very funny", the audience said after the film was released. Snow Monster Adventure is in theaters across the country. Buy tickets now and go on a magical Adventure!

JPG miki tugs at bossy's migots

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& have spent After laughing, there is reflection! The annual best family movie is not easy!

In the newly exposed footage, guided by his father, he finally realizes that it is not ignorance that is a blessing. He bravely explores the truth and has sincere friendship, and is truly happy. In the clip, the father changes the route of the bell to encourage miko to break through the confused move, which is even more touching. The clip also became a hot topic of discussion after the screening: "at first, I laughed so hard that I was moved by miko and his father. Then I remembered my father and life. We should all go out of our comfort zone." The movie's hilarious yet profound plot is also praised: "I began to think this movie is only suitable for children, but I never thought that the more I watched it, the more I fell in love with it"; "The first half of the paragraph laughing to split, a person and a strange encounter of the self-talk, the plight of the hibernating bear in the cave, the" foot strange "wrapped Mao Mao Insect to the top of the hill, the village head with rice fruit to understand the historical wall... Until finally the snow monster arrived at the foot of the mountain, people break through the enclosure and snow monster happy, this scene really saw eyes moist "; "Are all lies wrong? No! Ignorance is wrong! The idea of the village chief is good. He has been persecuted so much. In order to protect his people, he has to continue his lies. May all misunderstandings lead to satisfactory results. Is this so well received? Bu & # 39; Get in the theater and have a gorgeous adventure with the snow monsters!

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After crying has moved! Surprise surprise!

At the same time, the plot setting of the movie is both hilarious and touching. It successfully enlists all ages of audience. "no wonder the score is so high. Who says the cartoon can only be watched by children, this kind of realistic animation is suitable for everyone to see!" ", "I laugh and cry all the time anyway, there are too many points of emotion, I think of a lot of many, a song singing I can cry.... Really good-looking! The high quality of the movie also made audiences feel it was the dark horse of the year: "I thought it was just popcorn animation, but I gradually found it was really good! The whole theater is full of special harmonious atmosphere, we laugh together, there are many reasons, the story is enough, not simple at all, I thought the helpless ending actually let snow strange perfectly solve, and completely let me believe ", "the result completely exceeded my expectations! The story of intercultural communication is also the construction of the imaginary community. Nice song, nice laugh! I didn't know that the follow-up content is still entertaining. The film's beautiful images and ultra-sensitive music were also praised: "the picture is beautiful and the plot is good! It's very contagious!" ", "it's really a great animated movie with a very natural and delicate look! A total of four intersections in the middle of the song is particularly good! There is also a rock accompaniment in rap, full marks recommended!" Buy tickets right away, watch movies with friends and family, teach through fun and fun!

JPG snow monster and his father have a long talk


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