Kingsman: The Golden Circle '' With the same 'tailor shop London unveiled Gentleman fashion hit you seconds to change agents

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Recently, Hollywood action adventure giant " Kingsman: The Golden Circle " director Matthew Vaughn with his wife - the famous supermodel Claudia Schiff attend the London clothing store film brand cooperation activities, "Merlin" actress Mark Strong also together Appearance It is worth mentioning that the shop the perfect restoration of the film's trump card agent secret base - Kingman Tailor Shop, familiar decoration and display device look through the audience back through the film, the brand side can be described as well-intentioned. Details of the director's control not only in the film on the pursuit of excellence in clothing, but also this spirit extends to the play, launched the trump card with the same series of apparel. Believe that after the release of the movie, it will certainly blow a new wave of ace agents fashion style.

Ace Agent Tailor Shop perfect restore director lady wonderful interpretation of "gentleman fashion"

In 2015, "Ace Agent: Academy of Technology" released a fashion gentleman immediately released, the surface of Kingman appear in the film is a tailor-made tailor-made high-class suit, in fact, hide the mysterious agent headquarters. The parasol, custom suits and British architecture on Sevier Street also impressed the audience with a heart-felt vote. This time "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" comeback, the classic Kingman tailor shop is still elegant appearance. Recently in London, the co-founder of the film co-branded Goldsmith also opened the shocking opening of the director, director Matthew Vaughn with his wife - famous supermodel Claudia Schiff attend the event, "Merlin" actor Mark Strong also Appear together From the field point of view, the store real restore the original tailor shop in the film, every detail has been the perfect show, the display device suitcase is also the same paragraph Iger West, the audience instantly pull back into the film, giving people time and space Beautiful imagination. The supermodel director's wife is also very deliberately dressed in the same section of the West with Agassi orange appearance, given this gentleman suit a different kind of fashion color, it is feast for the eyes.

Trump agents with the full line of clothing on the director to teach you a gentleman turned into a second

Has always been the director of detail control not only in the film on the details of clothing excellence, this is the spirit of perfectionism will be carried forward to reality, and the world's leading men's luxury e-commerce platform, jointly have repeatedly award-winning movie costume designer Arianne Phillips design ace agents with the same paragraph apparel. The suits, shirts, cufflinks, shoes, wristwatches and even notebooks and pens in the collection run through the movie "Kingsman: The Golden Circle." Many of the classic items in the first movie are also reserved, including double-breasted suits, shirts, glasses, loafers, oxford, ties, handkerchiefs, jackets, umbrellas, leather goods, stationery and more foot. In other words, almost every piece of apparel seen by viewers in the film can be purchased in real life, effortlessly creating a true trump card with a genuine British gentry. The release of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" will set off a wave of agents' spree and the trump card is worth the wait.

The film "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is directed by Matthew Vaughn, Colin Firth , Julianne Moore , Taron Egerton , Mark Strong starring Halle Berry , Channing Tatum (" Jupiter Ascending "), People also Ask , Pedro Pascal (" The Great Wall "), September 22 North America release.

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