Spider-Man: Return of the Heroes '' “Apes of the Rise 3” The most anticipated movies of September are here!

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The most anticipated movie in September


Title: " Dunkirk "

Recommended: Nolan produced, must-have boutique. God now has 8 works into the IMDB TOP250, the problem is that people as a director of the movie also 13, has reached the point of God! Following the last movie "interstellar cross" has been 3 years, this time "Dunkirk" adaptation Since World War II the real "Dunkirk retreat", is Nolan has not filmed the war theme.

Release time: September 1


Title: " Spider-Man: Hero Returns "

Recommended: a super hero juvenile trouble growing diary. Officially returned to Marvel Studios. "Spider-Man: Return of the Heroes" not only presents the magnificent scene of confrontation to the public, launched the Lu Hai space omnidirectional war, the plot style is domineering, up to the flight altitude of 10,000 meters, down to the depths of the sea Ferry crisis at Department, it is amazing. This is the first time in 15 years the mite and mentor together return, many fans look forward to the two men fighting side by side.

Release time: September 8


Title: " War for the Planet of the Apes "

Recommended: As the final chapter of the "Ape Rising" series, this classic handed down so that fans eagerly looking forward to a full three years. The most burning anthropoid fierce fighting, the most suspenseful war ending, the ape family ushered in the end of the road to six years of counter-attack, foreign media have called it "the best summer summer document blockbuster" "ape-man series peak." Compared to the previous two, this orangutan lineup surpasses the past, contains more than a dozen key and important roles, and the storylines and clues are more abundant, allowing the audience to add more play addiction.

Release date: September 15


Title: " On Trial "

Recommended: This is a remake, the premiere in 1981, the three starring - Leslie Cheung , Danny Chan , Paul Chung , has gone away from us. This movie helped us to record the way they were when they were young. On Trial tells the story of a group of graduating college students chasing their dreams. The dream is beautiful, but our physical imprisonment is in reality. Shortly after the graduation season, friends who "graduate from unemployment" may find some sympathy.

Release time: September 8


Title: " Contratiempo "

Recommended: brain burning fans must see, but watching movies only for the relaxed, may complain can not understand. Film critic poison sir such evaluation "Contratiempo": "It is like playing a master are kill werewolf, everyone's logic is right, the problem lies in which side you stand." Audience, then do not read it.

Release time: September 15


Title: " Youth "

Recommended: Feng Xiaogang and other mainstream directors are going against the background. When people disdain commercial films, he is a happy new year. However, commercial films are very popular and he started to make art films again. "Youth" is a film with Feng Xiaogang's life experience. Does his non-red-faced actress have more taste on the big screen? Certainly, Wenrun Huang 's Huang Xuan believes it will also attract many female fans. .

Release time: September 30


Title: "Heart of Sin City Lights"

Recommended: a city shrouded in darkness, overlooking the amazing texture. In the middle of the night, cast-iron metropolitan city exudes icy atmosphere, desperate. And of these, a light burst like a sharp edge of the night burst into the night, the city illuminated all of a sudden. The darkness conceals evil, the light pierces the heart. Among the vast night, although the "city of light" to break through the dark to bring hope, but the surrounding is still surging in the influx of waves, who lost who won a read.

Release time: September 30


Title: " Shame Tekken "

Recommended: "happy twist," the third film, hemp pollen is definitely not to be missed, Ma Li (actress) , Shen Teng , Woody Allen , happy twist of the main force, to create "snack-style enjoyable Comedy" to create " Explosion "effect, if you want to enjoy a movie, you deserve it.

Release time: September 30


Title: " The Foreigner "

Recommended: " People also ask the war 007" in the end is a gimmick or real material to be investigated, after all, People are ask the old man, but we can not ignore People also ask when a real actor's efforts. People also ask This role played the role of image and before there is a big difference, less a bit banter, humor, replaced by the face of serious and dignified, not a typical image of People who ask.

Release time: September 30


Title: "the ultimate chase "

Recommended: "A lot of street hurricanes, close combat and blasting scenes make adrenaline soaring, Orlando Bloom frankly, it is from the" funeral "to" hey "process makes him feel particularly enjoyable, I believe the audience will also see Especially cool. Coincidentally, "funeral Hi" also secretly fit the story of the place - Shanghai.

Release time: September 30

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