Spider-Man: The Hero Returns' four days five hundred million! User: Teen Edition Deadpool

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Hollywood sci-fi adventure action giant system " Spider-Man: Return of Heroes " on September 8 in the country after the release made a gratifying box office record, the first three days of the madhouse box office 457 million, in the weekly box office accounted for as high as 60 %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Department is "Youth Deadwood!" The film by the United States Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios co-produced, directed by Joe Watts, Tom Cruise • Helande, Robert Downey Jr., Michael Kelly • Keaton, Marissa • Tome starring side by side, the current film is being released nationwide hot.

Spider-Man in the history of the best return to civilian countless numerous circles

The film exposed a fan homemade "Heroes" video, all-round reveal the secrets of the superhero, triggering the concern of many fans. As a 15 year IP movie, double bumper returns at the box office reputation also succeeded in "Dutch brother" to the pinnacle of popularity, the outside world has been relishing the legendary dream of this Spider-Man fanatics talked about, not only long-term Dance experience, or a vigorous athletic boy, pre-prepared specifically to do electric shock training, the strength of the interpretation of the history of the most youthful, most passionate, the most groundless superhero Spider-Man, countless circles.

After the release of the film has also been critics and viewers wide acclaim, Michael Hui Park Road on the 3rd said "a new generation of Spider-Man's image both the super hero of the courage and vigorous skill, but also with some adolescence shy and confused." And this youth film "mix and match" superhero films, not only by the movie TOP rated as "a new way Marvel explore: a pile of gradually getting older superheroes to quickly grasp the young audience Heart "," This set of Spider-Man screenwriter can play more than 9 points, the role of the heart is also many times the conversion is in place, and real and full of positive energy, the protagonist selected actor Ye Hao. "

Global box office broke 800 million into Man Wei universe first weekend box office Runner-up

As a super hero in 1962, Spider-Man has been very popular, netizens said that Spider-Man in the United States, as Monkey King in Chinese significance. The current movie "Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes" has a worldwide box office hit 823 million Miwon , ranking 62nd in the world. It surpassed this year's " Wonder Woman " (65), " Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales " ( 69). The first weekend 457 million results even more live up to expectations, beyond the "Wolverine 3", "Wonder Woman", " Galaxy Guard 2 ", won the first week of Super Hero movie 2017 box office champion and second only to the "Avengers 2 "," Captain America 3 ", became the first week of Marvel universe film box office Runner-up.

In addition, the popular ultra-high spider-man "Dutch brother" is the success of "the youngest movie superhero actor" Guinness Book of World Records, youthful blood interpretation of a young heroic dreams, "Film magazine" editor said, Personality, drama, action scenes and villains are all adjusted according to their teenagers' attributes, "and confirms that" superhero movies may become a new type of fusion and evolution of the field. "Film critic independent fish also Can not help but call the spider crazy, "This is the most lovable Spider-Man, but also the best fit comics set, this year's most superb movie super hero."

Spider-Man: Return of the Heroes, a Hollywood sci-fi adventure action movie co-produced by the U.S. Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, has been shown to audiences across the country in 3D, IMAX3D, and Chinese giant screen 3D format on September 8 and is continuing Heat Ying in.

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