Snow monster adventure' reveals' dream come true 'trailer: want to live in the movie world after watching it!

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JPG snow monster and his father have a long talk


Linkeddb News October 25 The Hollywood fantasy adventure animated film produced by warner bros. pictures Snow Monster Adventure It is a hit film with a lot of contrasting jokes, a heart-warming and philosophical plot, and a crazy fan base of all ages. Cat eye 9.3 points, the votes 8.7 points, douban 7.6 points, the same period of the best public praise of the best and the most cheerful quality animated films, ten million have seen the film "small foot strange" strength play Call, "the year most surprised animated films", "super laugh has depth," "song pleasant story is also very exciting" and other positive comments. The "dream come true" version of the trailer has been revealed more surprises, human snow monsters think each other is a legendary monster, serendipitous under the circumstances, step by step found out the real existence of the legend, laugh to subvert the imagination! Snow monsters and humans are not immune to a close encounter, interspecies language is full of jokes, minute laugh to a muddled rhythm. "Snow Monster Adventure" is being released across the country. Buy tickets immediately and get the whole family Huan Qi Joy's movie-watching experience, together with crazy decompression!

A new perspective on the cure of human laughter & NBSP; Positive energy makes animals think

In the newly released trailer for the first meeting of big foot and small foot humans, various road gods operate in full force, and the audience who have entered the theater to personally test the charm of snow monster said: "the weekend joke is it, is cured by joy, I want to join the snow monster day global fan club!" , "the original thinking of animation should not good-looking, surprise as a result, the Snow Monster Adventure" is really good, or good and will have to take risks, to explore the truth of courage, and finally the end of the very touched, see more human exploration unknown creatures of all kinds of large, suddenly a new Angle of view of the unknown position to explore human, interesting and depth ". The film's high-level production effect and dubbing were also well received: "animation production is also the conscience of the industry, dubbing is even first-class, especially a purple fat, the key praise me zhan huang! Best animated film of the year! Amway is a good place for you to live. The core values shown in the film are also reflective: "at the end of the film, the snow monster takes the initiative to be friendly to human beings. Human beings put down their arms. In the evolution of human beings, they owe a lot of animals a sorry sentence. Walk into the theater and thank the human snow monster for its deep touch and joy.

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JPG snow monster migos to grumpy bear mother

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