“A thousand and one nights” hit “Zhang Hao only and Dilraba Dilmurat group love alliance”

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byDilraba Dilmurat,Deng Lun,Zhang Hao only,Xudan Zhu,Co-starring in the urban love dramaThousand and one nights"Is continuing to be popular in hunan satellite TV, the popularity of the word of mouth double harvest, network broadcast volume is more than 3 billion. Chen mo, played by Zhang Hao only, not only gets a lot of attention, but also wins a large audience. In the latest episode, Chen mo becomes a "master of emotion", forming a "strongest alliance" with Dilraba Dilmurat, and finally wins the heart of zhou xinyan (Xudan Zhu).

"God assist" becomes "emotion master"Zhang Hao onlygolden sentence resonates

In the play, Chen mo holds up the banner of "god assists" all the way, frequently assisting the love paths of bai hai (Deng Lun) and ling ling qi (Dilraba Dilmurat). It not only creates a two-person world for baihai and ling qi repeatedly, but also encourages and urges ling ling qi to "get rid of the success of the revolution, there is still a big gap." Various "Cupid" actions earned him the honorary title of "god assist".

In the face of zhou xinyan's various obstructions to bai hai and ling qi's love affairs, Chen mo became an "emotion master", and emotional golden phrases are frequently used: "you can't lose yourself for love." "If you say you like him, you should not interfere with his right to happiness." The silence of love view can always cause the audience a strong resonance, andZhang Hao onlyclever deduce a though his love but can not, still can understand feelings, through the online warm man.

With Dilraba Dilmurat, the chasing coalition & NBSP;Zhang Hao onlyeventually won Xudan Zhu's heart

In the latest episode, Ms. Chen summoned the courage to tell Ms. Zhou, but was rebuffed. Chen mo and the same emotional frustration of ling seven hit it off, forming the "strongest love alliance." Ling ling made her colleagues pretend to be Chen's girlfriend, only to be seen through by zhou xinyan. Even so, Chen insists on pursuing love: "for your sake, I don't want face." Such infatuation not only moved the audience, but also gradually changed zhou's attitude. When she escorted zhou xinyan back home, she was finally moved by Chen's affectionate confession.

Zhang Hao only himself joked that "Chen mo is such an excellent man that if I were a woman, I would chase him." At the same time,Zhang Hao onlysaid, "I agree with Chen mo's view of love. Although he is smiling, he is dedicated and persistent to love." It is through a thorough understanding of the role thatZhang Hao onlyhas created a rich but dedicated Chen mo.

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