Pure Hong Kong movie' The Leaker' opened the pre-viewing movie 'Dare to release' to uncover the truth

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Directed by the famous director Herman Yau , Francis Ng , Julian Cheung , Charmaine Sheh , Chrissie Chau , Zheng Zeshi, Wilfred Lau starring, Louis Cheung , Sam Lee (actor) starring in the criminal action suspense movie " The Leaker " will be June 15 Officially released, on June 12th, the film was held in Zhengzhou Oscar Xidi Port Studios. The media from the provincial capital and some of the audience came to the scene to feel the most dare to shoot the charm of Hong Kong film. After the filming, everyone expressed that they saw a pure and fleshly Hong Kong film is simply the best of the year and worth recommending.

The prestigious movie features acclaimed Cantonese-language screening experience upgrade

A few days ago, the movie "The Leaker" has officially opened the nation's leading business viewing tour. The various platforms have received rave reviews. Today's event was staged in Zhengzhou. The atmosphere of the filming scene was warm, and even more dramatic bursts of screams appeared from the dramatic scene. After the end of the movie, everyone praised the film. The familiar taste of Hong Kong made us ponder. "We haven't seen such a pure Hong Kong film for a long time." The authentic Cantonese screening also avoids the sense of inconsistency brought by the Mandarin dubbing. Strengthen the "pure Hong Kong film" viewing effect. Some media also stated that this movie is definitely a must-see for summer vacations. The classic elements of Hong Kong films have been wiped out. The speed, virus, and vigilance are fierce and exciting. The whole movie has a tight rhythm and a degree of relaxation. The director is too strong. The media also stated that "they were stunned by the outcome and the Hong Kong film was really too dare to be shot, and how curious it was to go through the trial." Many favorable comments also made other viewers shout expectantly and wanted to catch a glimpse of the film.

 The Leaker

The classic combination to create the most dare to shoot the truth of the Hong Kong film reveals social issues

The movie “The Leaker” tells of the unexpected outbreak of the new Zika virus VR23 in Malaysia. It has spread to the rest of the world at an alarming rate. On the occasion of the people’s mind, a mysterious terrorist organization that claims to be “The Leaker” appeared and the virus ravaged the plot behind it. It also surfaced... The industry conspiracies and truths involved in the film highlights the “Dare to Shoot” feature, has a strong documentary style, and presents a new perspective on the truth of the mysterious case that engulfed the institutions behind the conspiracy. On the screen, some media believed that "it is bound to trigger social discussions." The three classic Hong Kong films, Francis Ng, Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh, teamed together again to bring the most authentic Hong Kong films to the audience. Herman Yau, the director, plus these actors, and the high-quality storyline is the movie “Dare to release” Emboldened, some viewers said, “Seeing the classic combinations of these Hong Kong films to re-cooperate is really touching. I hope there will be more such classic Hong Kong films for everyone to watch.” The film will be officially released on June 15th and the movie will be explored.

The Leaker movie is produced by Yindu Institution Co., Ltd., Erdong Film Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Star Amoy Film Co., Ltd., China Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Sun Entertainment Film Co., Ltd., and is an extraordinary entertainment production company, Tianjin Zhongzhong. CD-Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Powerway Global Entertainment Co., Ltd., Sage Music Affairs Co., Ltd., Zhongdi Hongkong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., AStar International Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Cannes (Cannes) Global China Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. , Eide Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tairun Group Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

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