The Leaker' publishes emotional posters and emotional EPK word of mouth

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Directed by the famous director Herman Yau , Francis Ng , Julian Cheung , Charmaine Sheh , Chrissie Chau , Zheng Zeshi, Wilfred Lau starring, Louis Cheung , Sam Lee (actor) starring the criminal action suspense movie " The Leaker " landing since June 15 Since the National Theatre, box-office word of mouth has maintained a high standard of quality all the way. The slogan of Hong Kong's original film has awakened the viewers’ desire to watch movies in Hong Kong and set off a wave of movie watching. As the first Hong Kong film to start the summer program, today's film party also exposed emotional posters and sentimental specials to fully unlock viewers' ratings and feelings.

Emotional posters show more than one truth

Today's exposure of emotion posters is divided into three parts, with the main image of the three main creations in the film as the main body. The blue-green tone shows a complex emotional antagonism. In the virtualized picture, the truth behind the three people is beginning to emerge. The snarling policeman played by Francis Ng seems to be omnipotent, but he also has the tenderness and helplessness he feels when guarding the virus in his daughter's body. The Sergeant played by Julian Cheung cooperated with and opposed each other during the investigation with Francis Ng. What made him beat the blood of the old partner? Charmaine Sheh, a social reporter who has spared no effort to pursue the truth, will also show sadness and helplessness under the shrewd appearance. There are more than one truth that each individual has come into contact with, but when social justice and stability are under challenge, they are steadfast in their eyes, are not afraid of setbacks and obstructions, bear pain and incomprehension, and are tempted to ruffle the conspiracy behind the illusion of the virus.

The interpretation of the "truth" mission of esoteric meaning is not on the shoulder

In the emotional series of this exposure, Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, and Charmaine Sheh made a comprehensive interpretation of the “truth”: whether the truth is important or there may be no solution, but we must find the truth through various means. Even if it is devastated, we must recognize it. After the truth, I still love life. The audience praised the three chiefs for fearlessness and setbacks, adhered to professional missions, and insisted on seeking truth from the true value standards. At the same time, the audience expressed that the truth they saw was one-sided and personal. When many emotional entanglements were involved, they might stay there. The room is not bold enough to tear open the truth and the Buddha is treated. The three chiefs were very brave and justified without reservations. They were full of Hong Kong style blood tone and gave a harsh boost to the cruel social reality. Reversing the plot with the fast-paced Hong Kong film made people very enjoyable.

The Leaker movie is produced by Yindu Institution Co., Ltd., Erdong Film Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Star Amoy Film Co., Ltd., China Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Sun Entertainment Film Co., Ltd., and is an extraordinary entertainment production company, Tianjin Zhongzhong. CD-Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Powerway Global Entertainment Co., Ltd., Sage Music Affairs Co., Ltd., Zhongdi Hongkong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., AStar International Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Cannes (Cannes) Global China Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. , Eide Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tairun Group Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

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