The film "The Leaker" released the original fragment of the word-of-mouth and was praised by the Hong Kong film scene to enhance the pattern

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" The Leaker " released news original fragment of word of mouth won the praise of Hong Kong's pattern of improvement

Directed by famous director Herman Yau , Francis Ng , Julian Cheung , Charmaine Sheh , Chrissie Chau , Zheng Zeshi and Wilfred Lau starring, Louis Cheung and Sam Lee (actor) starring in the criminal action suspense movie “The Leaker” on June 15 Landing on the national theater, the three-day holiday in the Dragon Boat Festival harvested praise for the story “Hong Kong Films Critiqued Social Justice,” “retrospective rethinking”, and today “The Leaker” is popular in word of mouth. On the occasion of the update, the original news piece was released. The original documentary sense of the news cast a suspense on the development of the story, allowing netizens who have not yet seen the movie to scream and want to go to the cinema to find out the truth.

The virus triggered a panic in the city The truth of the plot triggered a social discussion

In the news footage that was exposed today, Sam Lee (actor), acting as a reporter, has been reporting on incidents in the news, explaining the series of panic that the virus has caused in the city, and a series of solutions to the city’s population facing disasters. In the news we It was learned that masks and disinfecting supplies had been sold out because the virus had hit the city, and new drugs developed by the government had already been put into use. The entire story is spread around the virus, involving a series of ulterior truths and conspiracies. In the word of mouth that has been issued, some viewers have conducted an in-depth analysis of the end of the story and believe that now Hong Kong films are more and more dare to shoot, and they have the value and meaning to be spread. It is a good thing for fans and viewers alike. On the interactive platform, more viewers cast the truth of the design plot out of the discussion. From the plot's transformation to social significance, many viewers and netizens also expressed emotions that they "want to go for a second brush" and "see the fun."

More than 90% of word-of-mouth recommendations are recommended. Hong Kong films return to quality content again.

In the word-of-mouth response that has been released, the media platform's recommendation is over 90%. The film critics highly praised the authentic Hong Kong films. In addition, the film critics stated that “the glory days of Hong Kong films will come again”. This time, Herman Yau's re-deployment of "Demolition Expert" was also affirmed: "He is a filmmaker who dares to take pictures, dares to do it, and pays attention to the humanistic sentiments of society." The social phenomenon mapped out in the film and the industry shadyness have enhanced Hong Kong’s own structure, allowing netizens who have watched the movie to regain confidence in the Hong Kong film. Netizens have highly commented that “the plot is compact and the atmosphere is hot”. The Hong Kong movie is back ""This is the real Hong Kong movie."

The Leaker movie is produced by Yindu Institution Co., Ltd., Erdong Film Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Star Amoy Film Co., Ltd., China Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Sun Entertainment Film Co., Ltd., and is an extraordinary entertainment production company, Tianjin Zhongzhong. CD-Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Powerway Global Entertainment Co., Ltd., Sage Music Affairs Co., Ltd., Zhongdi Hongkong Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., AStar International Entertainment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Cannes (Cannes) Global China Film Exhibition Co., Ltd. , Eide Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tairun Group Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

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