The 10th annual golden broom awards season 3 shortlist for' orangelove 'creator

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& have spent The third season shortlist of the 10th China film "golden broom awards" has been officially created after a fierce vote by netizens on the WeChat public account and sina weibo.
On film, Fat man squad "," Orangelove ","Hello, Mrs. MoneyHits such as "" take six seats. In terms of individual awards, the road to new directors Zhong Ren Way to go,Bao Bei 'er, Zheng Wei ,Notes Ka Wai -, wu yu han New directors, such as li shuo, luo shuo, etc. And in "most disappointing actors and actresses," several of the actors and actresses who appeared in "Orangelove.Yuan Hong (actor), Chen He , Lou Yixiao , Jiajia Deng They were shortlisted.

The main creator of Orangelove: the tragedy of the pit & NBSP; Bao Bei'er's debut novel by Waterloo
A shortlist for the third season of the 10th China film "golden broom awards" has been officially announced. As for "the most disappointing film", the shortlist is widely expected. "Hello, Mrs. Money," which netizens called the worst of "happy mahua," and "Orangelove," which drew viewers' ire for selling dog meat on a goat's head.New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes", major productionKujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"And Donnie Yen Starring in Master brother And so on.

In terms of director awards,Bao Bei 'eris the leader. The new director works, such as Zheng Wei, Kam ka-wai, wu yu han and luo shuo, have all won the seats of "the most disappointing director". It's worth noting thatBao Bei 'eris also a finalist for the "most disappointing actor" award. And the golden broom awards regulars Guo Jingming Again, with" Cry Me A Sad River "Was shortlisted for" most disappointing screenplay." In the much-watched category of "most disappointing actor and actress," the main producers of "Orangelove" have become the worst-hit actors, with the likes of Yuan Hong (actor), Chen He, Lou Yixiao, Jiajia Deng, among others.

Next year marks the 10th anniversary of the golden broom awards, which will feature the biggest disappointment of the decade, the most disappointing director of the decade, the most disappointing actor of the decade and the most disappointing actress of the decade.

Shortlist of the most disappointing films:
Fat man squad
New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes
Hello, Mrs. Money
"Kujakuo: Ashuradensetsu"
The tao master
" bathing in blood "
"The anatomy room paranormal boys' quarters"
Cry Me A Sad River
"Master brother"

The most disappointing director shortlist:
Bao Bei'er "Fat man squad"
Zheng Wei Orangelove
Kam ka-wai Master brother
"Hello, Mrs. Money" by wu yu han
Cry Me A Sad River

The most disappointing writers shortlist:Pang Ho cheung,, "Fat man squad" by liu zhilin Yuan Wang "Orangelove"
"Cry Me A Sad River" by Guo Jingming& amp; # 44608; & amp; # 46041; & amp; # 44512;, Jian Le Guo Such as" Golden Job "
Qian chenguang, wu jinrong, Hello, Mrs. Money

The most disappointing list of male actors:
Yuan Hong (actor) "Orangelove"
Bao Bei'er "Fat man squad"
Chen He "Orangelove"

The most disappointing actress shortlist:
Lou Yixiao's Orangelove
Jiajia Deng's Orangelove Tiffany Tang " European Raiders "

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