Fat man squad(Movie)[2018]
《Fat man squad》(Movie)[2018]
Fat man squad(Movie)[2018]

Fat man squad (Movie)[2018]

Area: The Chinese mainland Language:
Stars: Release data: Sep. 30,2018(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Action

《Fat man squad》Episodes

Agent "J" (Wen Zhang) is shot in the head during an a-level mission, causing damage to the hypothalamus in his skull. While recovering from his injuries, J gradually became obese and had severe narcolepsy. Finally, J was sent to Japan to retrieve confidential documents by himself. After obtaining the documents, J took the liberty to open the documents and decided to continue the hidden tasks for the organization, only to collapse in the hotel. The hospital woke up with security guard Hao YingJun (Bao Bei'er), who resolutely joined the mission to prove that he was not a complete failure. This pair of temporary partners in the course of the mission, the process of repeated ironic, dangerous crisis..............

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