Orangelove (Movie)[2007]

Area: Ukraine Language: 乌克兰语 | Russian | English
Stars: Release data: 2007
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Drama | Love


A heavy downpour of fate, turning their lives, the flame of love games, moths are also willing to fight the fire ... Downpour day, he and she jumped on the tram. He, a handsome young photographer, with messy hair and a blood-stained coat. She, red-haired beauty, shoulder heavy, music school in the dream musicians. They are also barefooted, deeply attracted to each other and immediately fall in love ... just like the beginning of an ordinary love story, however, an unusual one is about to begin. The fiery two decided to start living together. The first and foremost thing was to find a cozy little nest where they found a rental advertisement in the newspaper saying, 'Downtown apartments are free to rent and they really love each other. Rule one, are not allowed to contact with the outside world, there is no television, telephone, pager, totally isolated; rule two, you want to live together, the game only really need each other's people. 'The critically acclaimed stranger set the rules of the game to couple into this strange apartment, as long as the test, before the landlord died without contact with the outside world, to prove mutual love of the true, will be able to accept the apartment With a large legacy ... every minute of love is inseparable from each other's two people, so decided to move to this secluded apartment, cut off the phone line, remove the doorbell, cut off all external relations, create belong to two Human love chamber, from now on, everything depends on each other's passion to maintain. However, one day, the door came with a buzzing door knock. The world outside reminded the couple of its presence. Will their love overcome all? At this moment they are able to let go, let each other leave the secret garden?


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