Zhong ren's new book,' it's like a city under, 'is going to be a novelty, breaking morse code to tell fans.

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Linkeddb News November 9Yesterday, Zhong Ren A creative signing session was held in shenzhen with the new book "wan ping cheng xia", and fans were given a limited edition "Morse code" bookmark. Fans packed the scene, and back row of long lines, the scene is very hot, eye-catching. Later, the book sharing conference was held at shenzhen university, where the creative experience was Shared with the high-spirited students. The academic atmosphere was very harmonious. Now the book has been published and listed in the straits arts publishing house.

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Zhong Ren crossed the border to launch a new book, "like a city under the sun," and prepared for a double surprise

Yesterday afternoon, the first signing of Zhong Ren's new book "wan ping cheng xia" was held in shenzhen bookstore. Half an hour before the start of the activity, many fans had lined up in an orderly way. Zhong Ren is dressed in a dark suit with a simple white shirt. It was also revealed that the book is about his love story with his fans, which caused a lot of screaming.

In return for their longtime support, Zhong Ren has even prepared an innovative gift for fans -- a limited-edition bookmarks engraved with Morse code. The answers to the Morse code on each bookmark vary from a love word in English to a line of words on a page in a book. In addition, a qr code is engraved on the bookmark. Scanning the code, Zhong Ren can be heard recording a speech for fans. Such a beautiful and creative gift, not only to the fans excited at the scene, but also many visitors to watch, the scene is very popular. More than a few people have commented: "want Morse code version of the bookmark!" "Super regret not going to the scene! Have key living to help sign the representative to receive!"

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 Writing a novel for the first time for movie dreams Convey patriotism with love and persistence

"Wan ping cheng xia" is the first novel written by actor Zhong Ren across the border. It tells the romantic love story between warm-blooded soldiers, gu shaocheng and patriotic young woman, lu jingshu. Zhong Ren wanted to make the story into a film as early as October 2017. But for various reasons, the film dream was temporarily impossible, so he decided to turn it into a novel.

"Wanping under is about humanity, war and the will of nations," says Zhong Ren. A personal fate in the context of war." In any era, people should have commitment. A commitment to one person, or a commitment to a city. And when the two conflict, the hero will choose to love a person, or guard a city? The answer lies in the book itself.

Although Zhong Ren is an actor, his first novel has been accepted by both the industry and the outside world. The famous director Baogang Zhao As a presenter, I praise "wan ping cheng xia" : it is a long novel with patriotism, heroism and youth. The famous writer Su Xiaoyuan Zhong Ren wants to play the Chinese version of Pearl Harbor. Readers responded: "good hair, good hair! Zhong Ren has another identity, which is both precipitation and explosion!" "Haven't seen for a long time, did not think to write a book, the writing pen return so good!" "The love in the war time is as touching as the hero, moved by the story, looking forward to a big sale!"

& have spent Whether it's an actor in a TV series, a director in the kingdom of silence, a cinematographer in the mouth of a fan, or the author of a new book, "like a city under," the idea that Zhong Ren, either way, will bring more and better work.

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