National treasure' welcomes the youngest national treasure Zhong Ren Republic of China debut show performance technology

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The eighth "National Treasure" to be broadcasted on Sunday will enter the Zhejiang Provincial Museum and usher in the youngest national treasure of this quarter, Ningbo's "Wan Gongjiao", while its national treasure guardian is the strength to send extras Zhong Ren , which awaited the audiences who had waited eight times for Zhong Ren, expressed their excitement that "they really started in long-awaited". They have been waiting for the small benches to wait for Sunday programs to air.

Although the "Wan Gongjiao" Ningbo Zhongwan was the youngest national treasure in the program so far, its manufacturing process has been passed on for thousands of years, bringing together the wisdom and efforts of countless people. It even shows the beauty of a married woman Wishes, but also reflects the people's vision of a better life and yearning.

 Zhong Ren

Zhong Ren

 Zhong Ren 定妆照

Zhong Ren makeup photo

 Zhong Ren 被枪指头

Zhong Ren was shot with his finger

 Zhong Ren 眼含热泪

Zhong Ren eyes with tears

It is reported that Zhong Ren just received the task did not understand the program group's good intentions, knowing they want to protect and marriage-related national treasures, but also self-ridicule "Let an older unmarried young men to guard the national treasure associated with the marriage, not Sincerely stimulate me! "But to be seen with his eyes, Zhong Ren was instantly shocked and touched by his exquisite workmanship and the story behind it. The cultural heritage left behind by his ancestors, the spiritual heritage is really precious.

From the current exposure of Dingzhuang photos, Zhong Ren in order to deduce the legend of Ningbo "Wan Gongjiao", it is a bold attempt at the rare Republican dress, and continued on the beard, full of elegance between gestures demeanor. In addition, it is not difficult to see from a few scene maps exposed only that Zhong Ren is even more skillful when acting as a legendary legend in the world of the Wan Gongjiao. He or Wang Meiming looks into the distance or confrontation with others Or tears in the fingers of a gun, moving every move without exception affects the hearts of the vast audience, making the story of a past life belonging to Ningbo's "Wan Gongjiao" a mystery. At 19:30 this Sunday evening, let's walk through Zhongren's life with Ningbo Zhongwan!

 Zhong Ren 据理力争

Zhong Ren argues

 Zhong Ren 眉目紧蹙

Zhong Ren eyebrow tight

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